Help remembering verbs

I really struggle with verbs that are written similarly because of being the actor or receiver. For example, 写すvs 写る.

Any advice out there for remembering these super similar verbs? Or is it a matter of “tough stuff, get to memorising buddy”?
I’ve had the above example on my reviews for months now and it drives me up the wall


I found this video to be really useful. While there are cases you’ll just have to remember, you can deduce a lot of them by knowing the patterns. If you can’t stand her voice just turn on captions and mute the video.


In addition to Rihn’s post, if you’d like something that’s written down that you can refer back to, this resource is pretty good -


In pairs of verbs like 写す/写る the す ending one will be transitive (actor) and the る ending one intransitive (receiver).

There are intransitive verbs ending with す, but the above rule holds often enough.

As a general advice on working with these in WaniKani, I recommend adding user synonyms asap, otherwise it might get confusing later.


thanks for the heads up, I thiiink I see how to do that in tsurukasme


Haha I muted her real fast! thank you for this, very helpful!

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