Kanzenban vs. Shinsōban - which one should I buy?

this is more directed toward people who have experience with japanese manga.
I recently hit level 10 and together with some grammar resources I wanted to make my first ever order of japanese reading material. I put things like よつばと! in my cart, but I also wanted something that I always wanted to read. So I decided for SLAM DUNK, which is for sure far above my level, but I’m primarily bying it as a goal I want to work towards and something I can reward myself with, once I’m good enough to read it.
On honto.jp I found two versions - kanzenban and shinsōban. As far as I’ve understood, kanzenban is more of a collectors edition with orginal magazine covers and colored pages, while shinsōban is a reissue with partly redrawn pictures and new dialogue. While I’m mostly a fan of “the original experience” I’m wondering wether the new dialogue, etc. might actally make for a better story. I think it’s done by the original artist, so I if that was the case I’d rather go for shinsōban.
To formulate a specific question: Does anyone have experience with these kinds of manga versions? And if so, how do they compare and what is your typical recommendation?
Thanks in advance!

Found an article comparing the two editions. I didn’t read it too carefully but it looks like the main difference is that the new edition is 20 volumes instead of 31. The new edition has new cover art and some titles were changed since the chapters were condensed into fewer volumes. Kanzenban’s page size is also larger.

Other than that there’re only minor differences.


That’s what I gathered, as well. I was more curious to see if anybody thought that these new editions were a game changer or are ruining the experience. But I guess you actually answered that:

So, thank you! I think I’ll go for kanzenban then.

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I may be misunderstanding, but it looks to me like it’s saying the 新装再編版 (shinsouban) is the same size (height/width) as the tankoubon release, and the 完全版 (kanzenban) is a larger size.

The shinsouban is the thickest as well, due to being only 20 values. The larger kanzenban is thinner than the smaller shinsouban due to being spread across 24 volumes.

If I’m not mistaken, looking at size only, this is the way to go!

Edit: Also looks like pages that were in color in the original monthly comic were in black and white in the tankoubon and shinsouban releases. Kanzenban brings back the color.

These all sound consistent with the Sailormoon and Sailor V monthly comic, tankoubon, shinsouban, and kanzenban releases. (Although Naoko Takeuchi did do some art corrections, improvements, and updates for the shinsouban, as well as kanji additions to the dialogue. Those all carried over to the kanzenban release.)

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No, You confused the two. Kanzenban is the thinner one, but it’s based off of the original issue and has premium/collectors content, so that’s why I’m still gonna go for it, even though there’s less chapters in one volume.

That’s exactly what I read as well and what I thought might’ve also happened to SLAM DUNK. But as d-hermit has shown, this is not the case. So I’m not really considering the reissue anymore (even though it’s cheaper and thicker).

Just to ensure I’m not mixing things up (I confuse easily), do we know which of these is the kanzenban? (From the comparison link.)

I read it as:

First image: top-right is tankoubon, bottom-right is shinsouban, and left is kanzenban.

Second image: top to bottom, tankoubon, shinsouban, kanzenban.

Yes, the kanzenban is the one at the left (first image). It also looks older, so they are easily distinguishable.

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Ah, you might be right. It said the page size is the same as Jump release or something.
@zEUs_japanese sorry to confuse you, the pages are larger for 完全版:
8.2 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches vs 4.4 x 0.7 x 6.9 inches

Don’t worry, that doesn’t really matter to me ^^.