The wonderful world of sazae-san

I just started reading this book (I have episode 4). It’s simple 3 panel comic strips with both the English and the Japanese, and the kanji include furigana. I picked it up for $6.

I only understand fragments, and yet I’m not feeling lost or overwhelmed. So I get the sense it’s good practice.


I work at a school in Kyoto, and my JTE lent me her copy, which she used to study English! I want to finish Yotsubato first (sorry book club! I failed you so hard!) and then dig in. Happy reading!

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A while ago I used to use the show for listening practice. Was pretty good for that purpose since they had short episodes and had straightforward stories.

Ended up getting volume 1 in English (all I could find at the time) to understand the characters a little better and found it interesting to see the social satire of post war japan. Wasn’t particularly funny but I’m glad I got to read it.

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