Kanji writing practice with SRS

Yo, after reading a topic on kanji practice, I decided to add a login to my personal kanji practice application, because why not.
It’s hideous (read: simple) but gets the job done! Api key is not necessary on registration.

Basically you are asked to write a random kanji in order of WK level and internal SRS. You try to recall it from memory, write it down and check the answer. You can then check it as answered correctly or incorrectly and do whatever you think it’s best. I usually write it 10+ more times if I get it wrong, 3-4 if I was correct.

For the moment SRS levels are as follows:
  1 => “1 DAY”,   2 => “2 DAY”,   3 => “4 DAY”,   4 => “1 WEEK”,   5 => “2 WEEK”,   6 => “1 MONTH”
correct answers means +1 level, wrong subtracts 2 levels.

Seeing that a few users are using it consistently, I tought it could help someone else too. URL is 

i did notice with the srs that when i was on level 4 (but about to level up in like, 30 or so minutes) it started giving me level 5 stuff. I had given it my API upon registering since i figured itd make it smoother. Did it do that becuase I was close to leveling up, or does it automatically go to the next level when you run out of previous level stuff to review? (even if you havent seen the kanji for that level on WK yet)

I was just wondering, Its not really an issue or anything, but i’d figure i’d ask since you made the thread.

Its actually been a great help while ive used it, so thank you for sharing it! :3

It goes up till level 50, it doesn’t check for WK level or anything! You are free to pace yourself as you see fit, still it’s not a bad idea to “block” by WK level, I’ll add it as an option.