Does writing Kanji multiple times spoil the SRS?

I like writing kanji and currently I’ve got a lot of time in my hand. So I check the stroke order and sometimes practice writing the kanji around 10 times. But this often happens between apprentice 4 and 5 and sometimes between 3 and 4. (this the region where i sometimes make mistakes and pushes my level up further) I noticed I started leveling up under 7 days while I used to level up around 7-9 days before.

Is my writing practice breaking the SRS system and spoiling my Kanji study? Should I stop doing this?
I do wish to cram as much kanji as possible before I reach Japan (around mid December, although I understand I have to find the right pace. Whats the right pace?)

(Pretty confused because recently, I have made it a habit to break my sleep cycle if I have to, to finish reviews in time. Also I installed a userscript to help me fix the issue of accidently filling the reading instead of meaning)

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You don’t need to break sleep cycles to get the timings. I mean, you CAN break your sleep cycle for it but it’s not needed.

If WK followed the ideal SRS timing you wouldn’t get blocks of them in an hour, you would get specific examples at very specific intervals.

You can also control the review intervals so you don’t mess up your sleep. Figure for the first SRS stage, 12 hours. Start 20 new lessons at 7 AM. As long as you log in for the 2-4 hours and then finally for 7 PM, you will level it up. Next time you see it is 12 hours, etc. By doing reviews when you should be sleeping you are just going to keep breaking your sleep potentially.

When it comes to practicing writing, it does not hurt you and likely helps. Though if you are going just by the science behind SRS, you shouldn’t do ANYTHING with the kanji you have acquired that isn’t Guru or higher.

The most important question is, do YOU think it helps you? If it feels like it helps, if it feels like your accuracy has gone up, then keep doing it.

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The more you see/write a Kanji the better you can remember. Yes it will change the SRS a bit for you. In worst case you will push the Kanji through the first levels and (when you stopped writing it down) when it comes back on a higher level you won’t know what it is anymore so you’ll lose levels.
In the best case scenario it sticks even better because you write them down.

I don’t think you should be too afraid of that since not only doing WK and reading japanese books or consuming japanese content is pretty normal for people on WK.
You could try to write the Kanji while they are in the first three levels. That shouldn’t really interfere with the SRS. Since you don’t try to remember things long term there.
Also you have to remember that WKs SRS is just a more or less random set of intervals. It isn’t perfect for everyone because there is never a shoe that fits everyone and everyone learns and remembers a bit differently.
I for example always review Kanji two hours after I’ve done them because the first interval is far too long for my memory.
If it works for you long term and you don’t have a problem with forgetting the Kanji you have drawn later on I don’t think you should be worried about it.

Technically you could only write the Kanji you have burned so it won’t interfere with WKs SRS at all but given your current level and the fact that you’ll be in Japan in a few weeks that is not possible.

I suggest you check this post by @MegaZeroX They have researched the question of whether extra studying breaks the SRS. They have found that according to published literature this is not the case. You just have to make sure you don’t practice writing just before the reviews.


I like your suggestion. I will practice writing after I guru the kanji. If it slows down my progress a bit its okay. just a matter of a day or two. Ill still improve.

Agreed. Ill mix this up with some reading practice too. I thought ill wait till level 20 to have some speed.

I think i did this a few times. Will manage better.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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