Kanji text book that uses Radicals to teach

I have found the way Wanikani teaches with radicals really useful way to learn kanji (please dont let my my prolonged holiday mode or low level fool you, I do still love this place and now with a new partner in crime will get some motivation back). I have a friend that is not so tech inclined so I cant get them to use this site, not even for the trial.

So I was hoping that you all may have some suggestions on text books that he can buy to learn Kanji, which has a focus (like Wanikani ) to teach it with more emphases on radicals.


Well there is Remembering the Kanji. It’s a bit different than WaniKani from my understanding, because the entire first book focuses on learning the meanings of kanji. It’s not until the second book that it focuses on the readings of kanji.


It uses mnemonics and radicals. It’s also a good supplement for extra vocabulary that WK doesn’t teach.


Thanks @seanblue and @athomasm :smiley: I’ve check them out. I had seen Remembering the Kanji pop up a few times

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I really like this book, but it took a few weeks to find a copy for a good price. Hopefully if you order it from Amazon that sole copy works out. I actually had this book ordered more than once, but later cancel when third party sellers realized they couldn’t get their hands on a copy, or something.

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FYI, just to set expectations: the Kodansha Learner’s Course is on massive backorder and has been since August. It may be tough to find.

I ordered it back in August, and after waiting 3 months with no help from Amazon, I reached out to the publisher and the author (both of which were super nice and awesome). Bottom line, there was some unspecified issue with the printing that (at the time, then November) was going to take months to solve. I found a copy at a B&N and got it there.

I honestly haven’t used it much - a bummer after all that trouble - because WK is easy to just bang out. I posted all this to save people the waiting game/hassle of trying to track it down.

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Yeah I think mine was about $45 but luckily I paid for it with a gift card.

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Thank for the heads up @psxndc, shame its so hard to get it looks like it might have been good.

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