Kanji radicalizer/hyperradicalizer browser app

I recently created a new resource for my Chinese character learning resource (for Chinese language) and I extended it a bit to include Japanese Kanji.


If you are interested in beautifying the UI/UX, or specialize it for Japanese, or just want to contribute… the source code is here:


Looks nice! What is a “hyperradicalizer”?

Instead of decomposing Kanji/Hanzi into components, I super-decompose them into larger Kanji/Hanzi, and then sort by frequency, ignoring rare Kanji/Hanzi.

Can you give an example of what you mean by a composition and a superdecomposition? Your screenshot doens’t really clarify…

I think it means that you show both what components a kanji is made of, an where the kanji appears in others.

For example 召:
Decompose: 刀口
Super-decompose (anti-decompose?): 紹, …

(Hope I understood that correctly :smile:)

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Not sure if you’re doing this already, but ordering words using x kanji by the readings seems to be a great way for me to memorize stuff. No idea if this happens with everyone though.

Updated the screenshot. Anyways, this app is immensely helpful to me, because it helps connect related Hanzi-Kanji by radicals (and also by variants, as defined in Unicode.org as I know a lot of Kanji already.)

Right, makes sense now. I’d use a term more like “Component In” or “Component Of”.

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