Kanji not covered in Wanikani

Hi i would like to know if there is any list of the kanji not covered in Wanikani. thanks

Since there’s not really a clear finite amount of Kanji (that I know of), you might have to be a little more specific about which other kanji you’re referring to

On charts I think, at the bottom there’s a lot with all the joyo kanji or jlpt kanji not on WK


for practical purposes, FloFlo is a good way of identifying kanji that are in a given book or other piece of media that aren’t covered by WaniKani. to give an order of magnitude, i think in a typical Real Book there may be ~100-300 kanji that aren’t covered by WaniKani, a significant number of which might just be there for characters’ names.

but there’s no single list. WaniKani is missing a few of the Joyo and JLPT kanji that are less often used, and it also doesn’t cover Jinmeiyo (name) kanji, and there are some kanji that appear in practice that aren’t in any of those lists (WK added some recently, like 飴).

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This list is a bit more up-to-date. It includes the kanji that got added to WaniKani more recently.


Add this one to the list: 龘


Oh wow no thank you


I think we should add 鼎. Just cuz it’s a fun shape.


It’s like two hands holding up an eye!!
I generally really dislike kanji like this that feel a but off, I guess because they do not resemble any other kanji I know. I dislike 巡 as well because of the shape haha

Reminds me of this thread



thank you!

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jisho.org doens’t have 龘 either, nor does translate.google.com. What is it?


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Try checking out the content in this thread.

It covers a lot of kanji not taught on WK.

What about this list from the v2 site? Isnt this the main one now

I agree, I don’t like this kanji at all.

Even so, it’s probably one of the ones I read the most, since it’s in 巡音ルカ’s name…

Same list, I’m pretty sure. Hadn’t realised there was a different URL.

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