Kanji level ordering question/suggestion

At my level I’ve already run into a few cases where kanji are being taught before their subcomponents, like how 動 (12) is one level above 働 (11) even though the latter includes it as a radical. i usually end up having to teach myself the simpler kanji separately so that I can learn the more complex one. as an example, i think kanjidamage seems to be far more consistent at getting this ordering right (it’ll always put the subcomponent before the full kanji). of course, kanjidamage isn’t an SRS, so it’s not a replacement for the crocodile crab we love.

is there a good reason for this, or is it just an oversight? it seems to be fairly uncommon, but when it happens it’s a bit of a bother.

the mnemonics also get way simpler if you order it the other way.


There are times when the subcomponent kanji is much rarer than the one taught earlier, in which case teaching the rare kanji earlier may not make sense. But in cases like the one you described where both are incredibly common, I think your suggestion makes sense.


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