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Level 18+, what do the yellow letters say?

Level 32+, what’s the message in this sign?

# RealLifeKanji

I usually post #RealLifeKanji content only on Twitter, but thought some of you (especially non-Twitter users) might be interested😉


I confess, I’m not sure I recall learning ポイ捨て at any point. The meaning is plain from the context, mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Says Don’t litter. Let’s keep this town clean. --Residents’ Association

There’s also an entire reddit… thingy on this subject: https://www.reddit.com/r/JapaneseInTheWild/


ポイ〇て: probably to litter or maybe to use / consume?

きん: forbidden

まちをきれいに: don’t know how the particles are used here but something about a pretty town? clean town? since there’s a を maybe even cleaning the town or keeping it clean.

自治会: some self healing/cleaning union/association? some group of sorts i’d guess, who brings you this message.

no matter what exactly, in the end i’m fairly certain someone wants you to not leave garbage lying around :smiley:


do not litter

禁止 is prohibit

you see a lot of 立ち入り禁止 here because they build houses or renovate at every corner.

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ポイ is used for emphasis, I guess… Like you can intentionally, on purpose throw thing away, but with ポイ you like nonchalantly pass by, slightly loosen your grip, empty bottle lands on the grass and you keep passing by like nothing has happened at all. Something like that I think. And ポイ feels to me like something empty. Also you can check English translation of ポイ捨て here: https://jisho.org/search/ポイ捨て
I’m just level 1 here, but I looked here only because I was interested what’s going on here. Actually, I’m playing visual novels and read ranobe (light novels) in Japanese already.

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Subreddit is the word you’re looking for :wink:


I heard that this is the place where people ポイ捨てる there lives :sweat_smile:

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Basically, the verb in this sentence has been omitted - it’s する. Or perhaps してください or しよう.


thanks! i should probably bother to finish my N5 lessons on bunpro, then i would’ve already encountered にする being a thing :smiley:


:sob: 読めない!これまだかも。It’s probably one of those purple vocabs I haven’t learned yet. I want to lower my apprentice items first which are more than 100 right now.


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New post! Anyone knows what this says✋?

Level 8+, what is the sign pointing to?

Level 35+, what do they have there?

# RealLifeKanji


A place that sells lottery tickets ?



For anyone wondering about the reading

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Oh it’s actually kind of neat🕶 Thanks for sharing💕

The kanji 治 also means “to govern (a country/region)” and 自治会 is usually residents’ association where people run/govern its community by themselves ("自"分たちで).

Also because many people don’t want strangers to hang out in their private road or land😟

I think you got the connotation pretty accurate👌 ポイ is an onomatopoeia for tossing!

No need to apologize! You’ll probably learn it pretty soon👌


Didn’t think they needed signs pointing the way to those little lottery booths. Unless this is some kind of special temple version? The other things in the photo don’t really match the kind of “urban station surrounds” look I’d typically associate with lottery booths.

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Even as a non-smoker I am thinking: “Who would throw away a cigarette like that one?” At least smoke the money’s worth first.

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I can only guess the last two kanji. “u” and “ba”. Probably a place for selling something. Meanwhile the first kanji, I’m not sure. I only know “tama” I guess, without the “lid” bushu on top of it.

no cheating! then I scroll up this thread to see others who might’ve answered Kanae’s post correctly.


You’re almost right, but you’re just missing one thing: there’s an invisible okurigana り in between the kanji. It’s 売り場, which can also be written as 売場 without any change in reading. :slightly_smiling_face:


Level 4+, where is the button?

Level 9+, when do you use it?

Level 12+, what is the button for?

Level 36+, what should you do to the button?

Level 22+, what kind of camera is this?

Level 12+, can you guess what 作動中 means?

A couple new #RealLifeKanji posts. :point_up:


Yeah, from the picture, it almost looks like like a cemetery or something.
Your kanji ability will truly be tested In this kind of unexpected context, maybe😉?