Fly swatter translation help

So I bought this today


The gist of it is these are “tweezers” for cleaning the mesh but two words in particular I wondered about.

はさん - The closest I could find is the secondary definition of cleaning an abacus. Is that right? 破産 Are these the right Kanji?

ポイ - Scoop?

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I was thinking はさんで could be 挟む - to pinch, or はさみ - scissors, and ポイ could be a katakana-ised version of ぽい as in, ‘like’. so could be ‘scissor like’?


I think it’s rather the second meaning of the same word. To toss something out or throw it away.


なるほど!So ‘pinch and throw away (the flat bugs)’


Thanks all. Both and Jisho didn’t really help with those in this case. lol


Ok, let me give it a try:

First, I need to do this:

Now this picture looks much better:

Much easier to translate.

ポリ is most likely polypropylene, ハエ is 蠅 - fly and タタキ is 叩き。蝿叩き is fly swatter.
In other words, it’s ポリ蠅叩き is Polypropylene fly swatter.

叩く - to strike
虫 - insect
挟む - to pinch
ぽい - tossing something out, throwing something away
叩いた虫を挟んでぽい - pinch the stricken insect and throw it away.
ピンセット付 - tweezers included.

どこでも - wherever
自由に - freely
吊り上げる - to hang something up
フック - hook
どこでも自由に吊り上げられるフック付 - A hook for hanging it wherever you want is included.

The writing on the left is too small, I need to magnify it

Still hard to see, but better

材質:ポリプロピレン - material: polypropylene

注意 - caution
火気 - fire, heat of fire
近づける - to bring near
変形 - deformation
注意:火気に近づけますと変形します - Caution: if you bring it near fire, it will deform.

The writing above “Made in Japan” is hard to read, because it’s of different style, but I’d say it’s

ハッ天 工業 株式会社 - “Hatten industries” corporation.


Haha, did this on my phone and didn’t realize the rotation was off. すみません

That’s some CSI level stuff, lol. Bravo.

Great stuff, btw. I’ll have to bookmark this to go over properly later. ありがとう :bowing_man:


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