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I’m looking to augment my WaniKani with written notes as I’ve found that the act of laying out my learning on the page assists with recall. I do, though, want to label everything in Japanese and I want to make sure I’ve got the right words for things. Could someone let me know if either the below are correct or, in some cases, tell me what the correct word/Kanji are? Also, if at all possible, what the furigana are.

Index: 索引
Radical: 部首
Kanji: 漢字
Vocabulary: 語彙
Pronunciation: 発音
Reading: as in the WaniKani lessons. I can’t work out what this would be.





Perfect, thank you!

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I’ve realised that the furigana are no problem, as hitting the double arrows on Google Translate gives me the pronunciation for the Kanji. :slight_smile:

I would use “単語(たんご)” for “vocabulary”, as that is the word that WaniKani uses. WaniKani doesn’t even teach 彙.

I’m also not sure if Google Translate is a good study tool. You might consider looking up words on jisho.org instead.


Awesome! I never even noticed that the Kanji came up when you clicked the menus: that makes things far simpler.

I brought up Translate since I’ve found it difficult on Jisho to search properly so far; I’m not very good at knowing what I’m searching for, let alone whether the answers it gives me are right.

Thanks very much!


Check out a browser extension called Yomichan. It lets you look up Japanese words by hovering over them.

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What is the difference between pronunciation and reading, in your notes? Do you use romaji for pronunciation?

Looking back at my notes, I think I meant “readings”, as in the context sentences.

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I you mean to write down the context sentence, a better word would be 文章, maybe. Or 例文.

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You’re a star. Good eyes boss. :slight_smile:

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