KaniWani Question - Burned Items

I have set KaniWani to “Only review words at or above WaniKani: Burned”.
I started burning a few words today.
How long does it take for burned items to be added to KaniWani?
It says that it was last synced with WaniKani 11 hours ago.
Is there a way to force a sync?

I found the answer:

It would be uncouth of us to hammer WK constantly checking for potential changes, so we only sync a few times over a 24 hour period. This means, you may have to wait up to 12 hours for newly unlocked vocab or synonym changes to appear. Patience, young durtle.


I’d like to commend you for taking the time to answer your own question. It’s very rare that people ask questions and update their topics if they get answers. Thank you for helping make the internet a better place! :sparkles:


Quoted for emphasis. Often it’s just “wait, never mind, I’ve worked it out”.