Kaniwani problem

It seems like in a span of ~10 hours I’ll get 500+ reviews. Like this morning at 2 Am I got it down from a bit over 1000 to a bit over 500, but then when I got home around 12-1 Pm there were over a thousand again. Is this normal? Is there a way I can slow them down? Can I pause certain levels without resetting their progress?

If a lot of items were apprentice items, and/or you got many of them wrong, then yes, they will return very soon.

No, you can’t pause certain levels, but you can use the reorder script and review one level at a time if you prefer.

Edit: I totally missed that this was about KaniWani and not WaniKani.

You can pause levels on kaniwani using the lock buttons under the vocabulary tab up top, or individual items by clicking through to their respective vocab pages.

Doesn’t that reset their progress though?

I’m not sure but the button on the vocab page has the text “suspend review” so I think it’s just per-item vacation mode.

Where are you seeing this?

Do you have items set to only question you if they are burned on wanikani? Because if not, I highly recommend it.

I believe this should cut down on the amount of reviews you have on there substantially.

I don’t have any burned items in Wanikani, so yes it would cut it down substantially, but I don’t think that would really be effective.


I can confirm what @bblum said, the suspend review button works like a mini-vacation mode on an individual item. The level lock on the main vocab page will reset the whole level if activated.
So, you have three basic options:
~Individually go through and suspend reviews on various items until you feel like you’ve gotten things under control (but going to suspend individual items will be tedious, I warn you, there doesn’t seem to be a bulk option)
~lock a few levels and take a hit on progress you made on those levels, but have a more manageable pile overall
~power through whatever giant piles you’ve got until the SRS does its job and gives you room to breathe. Just remember that doing reviews in large chunks will keep sending large chunks your way down the line.

Alternatively, you can just wait until you’re burning items and start over fresh by doing burn-only reviews. There’s no shame in that either. Maybe I only say that because that’s what I did…
I hope this was helpful :heart:


I don’t understand what reviewing burned items does. Does WaniKani not let you review burned items?

In KaniWani there is an option in the settings that unlocks only those vocab words that you have burned in Wanikani, the rest stays locked.

Well, once an item has been burned on Wanikani, its no longer reviewable (unless you use scripts; there’s quite a few scripts that will let you review burned items.) So, some people like using Kaniwani to review burned vocabulary items only.
Basically, it’s just more practice, which is never gonna be a bad thing really. Just because you’ve answered a vocabulary question right eight times on WK doesn’t necessarily mean you know it perfectly. And using burned-only items usually has an added benefit of much quicker review sessions. These are words you know that you know, you’re just practicing them the other way around.

Like, if I see that I have 150 reviews on WK, and I’ve got 350 reviews on KW, the KW ones feel considerably less intimidating (keeping in mind that I’ve set my KW to burn-only). I know those 350 words and will probably knock out those reviews faster than my 150 WK reviews.

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Isn’t the point of burned items that you don’t have to work on them anymore, though?

A lot of people only start reviewing items on KW after they have burned them on WK, which means that when they start KW the workload is more manageable because they probably have few burned items.