Just found a very easy to read comic written in japanese

Meowre episodes got translated! :tada:

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@trunklayer the creator’s just added 13 episodes if I’m correct (here).
The Japanese is very easy. I think when I finish working on translating Return to Parascythe . I’ll create a vocab page for this one.


Doumeow arigatou gozaimeowshita! :cat2:


Btw, has there been any news on whether the author plans on making a sequel?
The way it ended implies that there should be a sequel…

P. S. Also, as always, looking forward to the next chapter of The Tile World Chronicles!

I’m afraid I don’t really know.

As for the Tile World Chronicles… Unfortunately I’m going through a tough time. I dream of being able to work on it again but due to anxiety I’m not able to do anything. The site is temporarily down for a different reason but it will be back in a few days.