Just finished level 30

I spend on average 2 hours a day on Japanese, excluding immersing with games.
The applications I use are as follows:
WaniKani - simple enough, I just do reviews whenever they become available and I’m there to do them, same with lessons
BunPro - I try my best to do two grammar points a day, I often forget but I’m still making my way through the N2 grammar points so it’s good regardless
Ringotan - Somebody in the WaniKani forums made this for learning to write kanji, really helpful Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji
Anki/Sentence Mining - I do 40-75 new cards a day on Anki consisting of words I mined from anime that day, and the amount of episodes I watch that day depends on whether I’ve reached that range of words mined yet.