Just erased the last month and a half of "progress"

I just finished doing this morning’s reviews, and managed to score an average accuracy of 30%.

Seeing as that means more and more reviews would get piled up, because I now managed to drop a whopping 200 items into the apprentice box, I decided to start erase everything from level 6 and higher, and start from scratch.

I’m probably going to regret it in a few hours, cuz I did it while being completely pissed off, but whatever.

If I wasn’t able to keep progressing, it meant that I messed up somewhere, so a couple steps back are needed.


Normally I’d advise against resetting (having done the same thing), but 30% is low and 200 apprentice is annoying. In this case it seems justified.

Is it normal to get under 70% or was this session unusual? If I’m heading for a disaster I sometimes stop and have another try later, for example if I’m hung over or annoyed about something at work.


My average up until now was >90%.

These past few days everything from level 7 and above started dropping like a rock, not sure why.

I made a post last week because I was worried about items in the enlightened category not being properly memorized, and I guess my fears were justified, if items that were a single review away from master went all the way down to apprentice within a week.

Literally any item in those levels I’d go:
“Wait… what was this one again?”

Regardless of what I tried.

The last time this happened, was in level 4, and the way I got through that was 4 days of doing every single item in level 4 every 2 hours in the self study thing.

I tried doing that again, at least for items in level 7, and the results were…
Less than stellar, even 2 days in.
So when I was halfway through the 70 reviews I had this morning, and scored an average of less than 40% correct answers, I decided that there’s a mix of both loss of confidence, as well as weak memorization, so even if I do know something, if it follows 5 straight incorrect answers, it’d also be incorrect, and that would snowball.

However, since there are 3 levels worth of kanji and radicals, as well as 2 and a quarter levels of vocab mixed in, I wouldn’t be able to rebuild that confidence.

And so, back to level 6 I went.

Next time that happens, try not to delete levels and just pause with new lessons for a while until you get your apprentice items back down again to a more reasonable level.

To me it sounds like you’re getting anxious/pissed off when you get a few reviews in a row wrong which in turn makes it harder to get the next reviews right. Maybe take a break and continue another time when that happens? Remember, the correct answers are all inside your head already, you just need to coax them out.


I hit a similar wall at around the same point, and reset back to level 8. Since then I’ve been trying to keep my apprentice count under 100 (which for me means no new lessons when it’s over 90 because I know I’m going to have a bunch come back from above). That’s meant leveling much more slowly, which isn’t ideal but I’m probably learning things better.

Someone might come along to disprove this but I think a consistent success percentage of under 75% would mean one is going backwards (given that you drop two levels for a wrong answer and only rise one for a correct one), so I figure anything I can do to keep the average in the 80’s is the most efficient way to proceed.

I drill apprentice 1 items repeatedly until I know them and I drill everything I failed in a review session immediately after the session. That seems to have helped me get more stuff up to Master - where I still only get about 60% right. Started doing double-SRS on kanji items with Anki to shift that (and Anki has no “burned” state so as long as I keep using it it’ll keep testing me on everything). Considering using KameSame on Master+ vocab for similar reasons.

That’s the thing though.

I was doing perfectly fine.
I unlocked all the lvl 9 kanji and like a third of the vocab, then completely slacked off during the weekend because I found something interesting to read, and was too engrossed to do anything else.

And then slowly everything started dropping.

I was ready for the level 9 stuff to degrade, but when the level 8 and 7 stuff started dropping, it became frustrating, and when I was suddenly faced with 3 levels worth of apprentice material to memorize all over, it just became too much, and would’ve just impacted everything else as well.

So instead of failing at memorizing so much material again, I figured it’d be faster to just restart and memorize smaller chunks.

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