Joyo kanji with me

Hi there. I’ve had to stop wanikani for awhile. I’ve decided to go through the Joyo kanji and learn to write. I’d love for you to join me.

Grade 1 The first 80 kanji
wanikani levels 1-8

tanuki vs. 一年生

A great review. I finished the video in 1 day.
I didn’t bother with the readings because I knew them from wanikani.
花、村、町、竹 were the only kanji I needed more practice writing properly from memory

Grade 2 Kanji 160
Wanikani levels 1-18

tanuki vs 二年生

Took me 2 days to complete the video
My hand hurts
細 was tricky
Next I’ll do the app quiz



kanji with common readings

Kakimashou - Common Words Containing 細

quiz yourself

Screenshot_20211109-085310_One UI Home
Great app. There’s a way to look up the stroke order to so let me know if you have trouble


Writing seems to be an entire different skill set. I can recognize kanji way better than I can read it.

I struggle to remember bottoms and right sides of kanji the most.

My nemesis is 花

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It’s a long fight. I’m testing myself on writing grade 2 kanji now

I forgot the word 野原

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I’ve started 3年生kanji yay yay

Planning on 15 a day
Can’t do math but that should be X number of days


I’m surprised 仇 (かたき)is not in joyo kanji
It is replaced by 敵 but pronunced as かたき
仇 is eqsier to write than 敵
Wonder what happened to 仇?

I’m halfway through the kanji for grade 3!!!
Hip hip hooray! Took me 12 days to do 100 items

New kanji were 油、湖、炭、柱、庫、板、and 帳

The rest I learned from wanikani.

Ps. Someone unlock me. I made 3 posts in a row. Haaaalp

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I’m happy to see someone learning to write, even if I know not everyone wants to spend time on it. I’m also glad you found a way to stay in touch with kanji. :slight_smile:

Usually it’s fine if you’re the thread starter, no? Or does that only apply in Campfire threads?


Yep, you can post as much as you like in your own thread, no matter where it is.


What is this from? - I am ready to start working on writing kanji. Is this an app?

Are you just surprised due to the fact that it’s simple to write? 仇 (かたき) is not a common word. If I weren’t studying for Kanken pre-1 I wouldn’t expect to encounter it. It appears in only one novel and only one web novel on jpdb, which I would say makes it very rare. Lots of words I would consider highly advanced still appear in 5% of novels or more.

仇 (あだ) is more common, but still, there are many easy-to-write kanji that just don’t make the cut for learning in school when you only have so much time to teach everything.

Edit: I checked Jisho and saw かたき is on WK? Is that recent? Kind of a strange word to teach. (Edit 2: per below, turns out it’s not “taught”, it’s just accepted for 敵, which makes sense).

@vanilla thought you might find the discussion interesting


It’s technically on WK, but only as an alternative reading for the vocabulary 敵. The main reading given is still てき and かたき is probably only there because it’s not technically wrong, just very uncommon. かたき isn’t mentioned in the reading mnemonic section for 敵 either, so it’s not really a reading they’re teaching.


That makes sense. The reading is technically joyo for that kanji. I didn’t realize Jisho would display alternative accepted readings as being on WK, but I guess that also makes sense.


Yeah it definitely isnt something I would say im surprised isnt a joyo kanji, but its a kanji youll still need to be familiar with.

Youll definitely see the kanji once every few books and its not too rare, but on its own as かたき ive only seen a few times maybe. Its a lot more common in words like こいがたき which naturally comes up in the things i read, あだになる、きゅうてき etc. Even seen 恩を仇で返す a couple times. But even 目の敵にする ive only seen with the 敵 kanji tbh.

One thing I will say is that jpdb is definitely wrong though. I have seen it as kataki in re zero and oreimo which are on there, but its not showing up in the kataki search. ada comes up in 40% of novels, so im guessing some of the kataki is somehow being allotted to the ada. Its rare, but not 0% rare. Prolly more like once every 10-15 books rare. And half of that time its just 親の仇 something something.


Just easier to write
If I was in charge of the Japanese writing system I’d switch 仇’s kanji and 敵 kanji
Id make 敵 the rarer word

てき is still the more common spoken word, so that’s what makes 敵 worth teaching.

Edit: And if anyone was wondering “well then couldn’t they just write てき using 仇 instead?” The reason that would be strange is that てき is the onyomi for 敵, so it has a strong connection to 敵 and no relation to 仇, which has an onyomi of きゅう.

If てき were kunyomi, then yes, it wouldn’t be strange for 仇 to be てき.


It also helps that kanji with the left-hand component tend to be read てき, so it helps to keep things consistent: 敵, 適, 摘 etc.

I guess another thing to think about is that 敵 and 仇 have slightly different nuances. Even if we confine the discussion to meanings related to enmity, 敵 tends to be related to opposing forces. 仇 tends to be about hatred and hostility. One is emotional; the other is about a… power dynamic or relationship? Also, 仇 is closely associated with 讐 (the kanji used when talking about revenge), and the two are used to explain each other even in some Classical Chinese texts. (The sentences would literally translate to「仇は讐だ」and「讐は仇だ」in modern Japanese, with the same sentence structure and word order.) Simplified Chinese uses 仇 as a replacement for 讐, but I think substituting 仇 for 敵 might lead to some confusion as far as nuances go.

EDIT: Of course, I’m not saying that the two kanji don’t overlap at all, but if we’re talking about general trends, that’s how things are, as far as my experience and dictionary definitions go.

Actually just came across it where it wasnt 親の仇. (although funny enough, earlier in the book there was an instance of 親の仇)


I’ve finished all the grade 3 kanji today.
I just need to pass the quiz of 10 questions.
I only got 2/10 on my first try.
Recalling kanji is difficult.

But after I pass I can move on to grade 4 kanji!
I bought books for kanji in grade 4 and 5

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