Joyo kanji with me

The highest score I got for the quiz on grade 3 kanji is 4/10

Yikes I wonder if I can pass

Trouble recall kanji:

1月8日 - 央、暗、都、整、遊、鉄、院
1月9日 -運、予、勉

Writing helps a lot. When you come back to WK perhaps you may want to add the Stroke Order script to your list of installed scripts…

It is much more difficult to recall the shape of the kanji in order to write it than knowing the reading

I just blank on the simplest things

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I’m getting better by self quizzing myself on kanji that I failed

Today’s trouble recall kanji

1月10日 -君、談、拾、深、客

This seems like a great thing to try out. I’ll join you sometime around level 30.

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I stopped wanikani at level 28 and I’m almost finished with grade 3 kanji.
There has only been about 10 new kanji that I didn’t learn in wanikani.
Lot of new vocabulary which has been useful.
I definently recommend this.
It seems like recalling the image of the word is just as difficult recalling the reading of the word. (Hope that makes sense)


You can use Kanji Study app (available for Android, not sure about iOS) for writing practice, it is really good if you don’t want to use paper options. But yes, plain old pen + paper do miracles.

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self quizzing until I pass the quiz

1st quiz 7/10 oh I’m getting better
2nd quiz 4/10 gahhhh nevermind
3rd quiz 7/10 hmmm there’s hope!

Today’s trouble kanji
22/1/11- 屋、指、発、終、代、鼻、開、調、研
22/1/12- 倍、服、短、君
Why am I doing this??
Oh because I don’t/can’t pay for wanikani
22/1/14- 助、放、表、注、童、返、係、洋、期、決

I can only hope self quizzing myself on 10 everyday is the best way to get better.

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For practice writing I use Kaniwani, which shows you the English word and you have type in Japanese. I write down the kanji on paper, type Japanese just in, when I wrote any kanji. If the kanji was written wrong, but the Japanese input was correct, I can still click on ignore, and it won’t count as correct.

Else I also find Anki useful for that purpose. I just like using a spaced repetition system. With Anki you can write your own cards, if you prefer follow another order than maybe Wanikani. But yeah I like the approach to follow along of Wanikani’s order, since I anyway learnt those words, and also it has a nice order in which new kanji and words are added.

I love practicing writting kanji too. I feel like I can remember them better with that. Plus I was just annoyed that I couldn’t write things, because I always forgot how to write the kanji.


Taking the suggestion to input my struggle kanji into anki.

Today’s struggle kanji:

1月16日- 打つ、庫、泳、緑、級、界

I’m doubting myself
Should I seperate learning wtiting and learning new kanji?
I’d hate to be stuck in gr 3 kanji forever

I believe it will be more effective if you jist move forwards after you get like 75-85% correct writings on current level kanjis. Sometimes learning new kanjis helps remembering stroke order of the old ones and staying in one place won’t help you too.
Just make sure you refresh your memory of incorrect kanjis daily and test your 3rd grade progress once a week (for example)


I think that’s a much better idea. From tomorrow I will start grade 4 kanji!! But I will still quiz myself on the grade 3 kanji and make flashcards.


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Good luck! :durtle_noice:

I started grade 4 kanji today!!!
Using anki to review my struggle grade 3 kanji.
I might have to adjust how I review because it took me half an hour to do and another half an hour to learn only 2 grade 4 kanji (and I already knew them!!!).
I’ll figure it out later