JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club (Volume 5) 「最後の波紋」

Club schedule: 2 chapters each week, starting on each Wednesday

Discussion threads for previous volumes:
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Schedule (the following chapter names are derived from my 1980’s tankobon copy):

June 24 - July 1: 稲妻空烈刃

July 1 - July 8: 炎と氷

July 8 - July 15: きょうらんへの序曲

July 15 - July 22: 忘却の彼方

July 22 - July 29: 生きた彫像

And then that’ll conclude the JJBA book club! It’s been fun reading this again and learning more words with you guys. Here’s to a final good set of chapters.



I can’t believe we’re going to reach the end of this part when we finish this volume-- it still feels like there is a lot of ground to cover! That said, these two chapters weren’t terribly eventful and almost felt like filler or like they could have been condensed into 1. With the first chapter, we got the introduction of Zeppeli’s disciples/Tonpeti. Not going to lie, I completely forgot these characters exist, and I’m not sure how they’re going to play into the story significantly at this point.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.41.53 AM

Araki also did Zeppeli soooo dirty again with another derpy memorial portrait :joy:
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.38.49 AM

The goal of the 2nd chapter this week seems to have been to remind us what a demented evil weirdo Dio is. I’m not sure we needed to be reminded of that after all we’ve been through, but it did result in some pretty wild moments:

You really made her eat her baby, Dio?! OMG

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.45.02 AM

One page later, Dio says he thought it would be fun to fuse a human head onto a dog’s body but… can we all agree Araki was not thinking about dogs when he drew this first panel? Monkeys maybe, cats maybe… LOL

These moments aside, there were some really gorgeous panels in these chapters!


This entire page with Poko’s sister is GORGEOUS and really evocative. I can almost hear sound effects when I look at it.

Several really nice shots of Jonathan:
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.51.59 AM

(Him using Hamon to excise the snake venom was pretty cool)
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.51.46 AM
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.52.15 AM

And finally, we get this incredible last page, which really feels like the kickoff for an epic final battle! 地獄からもどってきたぞディオ!

I’m curious where you think Araki’s head was at during this final volume、because Phantom Blood is so much shorter than any other JoJo part. At what point did he start to feel limited by the scenario he’d set up and decided to bring this chapter to close so he could work with new characters?

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You still with me, @TrinityBringer @Bruford? :slight_smile: Hoping everyone is ok!

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I’m still here! I hadn’t realized that the new thread was made! :sweat_smile:
I’ll have to speed-read through the first chapters of this volume to catch up with you!

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Finally got around to reading! I had somehow missed that this thread was made, so whoops. :sweat_smile:

First Chapter

Not much to say here, really. We got to meet Dire, Straits and Tonpetty, though. And, we got to see the birth of a meme, the Thunder Cross Split Attack! I hate to say it, but that attack just seems severely flawed… It literally only works if your hands are positioned in a super specific way, and even then it doesn’t work all the time. Also, the baby eating scene was a lot more graphic in the manga. Ouch…
By the way, I really like this page! Jonathan was drawn really nicely on the right, and the dutch angle on the left was neat.

Second Chapter

Y’know, I had forgotten just how yikes some parts of JoJo are… Thank gosh JoJo and The Boys™ stepped in before something really bad happened. The fight with Doobie was pretty cool, albeit short! Araki’s art and paneling is really good this chapter!

Definitely! This page is really well done. The reader’s eye follows the rose down the page as it falls to the ground, and as Poco’s sister realizes what’s above her, our eyes follow suit and travel back up the page to reveal Doobie. Araki has some really great page layouts in this part!

And the final page really hypes the reader up for the fights!

Will be reading the next two chapters tomorrow!

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Not sure what happened to our leader, hopefully he’s ok. Should we stick to the general Wed-Wed schedule to get through this last volume? I will do my best to do the next two before then!

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Yeah, that works for me! Maybe we should save the last chapter until he gets back? :thinking:

Some volumes of JoJo are available for free to commemorate the completion of Part 8!

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Allegedly, he had Parts 1-3 figured out from the start so I suspect it might have been related to editor feedback and also what Jump wanted to do.

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Thanks for the info! That definitely makes the compact nature of parts 1 and 2 make more sense.

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I have come to see both Furigana with ‘`’ and normal Hiragana at the same time.


I don’t even know how to type this with <ruby>, <rb>, <rt>.


Yo dawg, I heard you like <ruby> so we put <ruby> in your <ruby> :joy:


It appears to be exactly what you said. HTML Standard - the ruby element



Therefore, in this example, けん、、みつ、、

As a matter of fact, [Userscript] Forum: IME2Furigana broke just now. It doesn’t account for this scenario.

A real ()(みょう)()仮名(がな).

wedding ring, apparently

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