JLPT resources you've made

So I’m a huuuuge fan of Quizlet, and I’ve made a lot of lists on there, several of which may be decent practice for anyone going in for JLPT N2 and N1. My best friend and I also made a lot of ridiculous grammar songs to the beat of Taylor Swift songs, which, while immensely helpful, also made me sing through several songs during last year’s N2 exam to remember exactly what that one grammar point was. X3

What resources have you made in preparation for the JLPT, silly or serious?

Also, here’s the one I just recently made that may or may not be useful to others. I seriously bombed the listening portion of the exam, so I’m using the news to practice and writing down the words I don’t recognize. Obviously not all the words do I expect to come up on the JLPT, like the word for DMZ, but they’re fun to practice anyhow.



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