JLPT N4 Next Step Advice Needed! (Book recommendations)

I’m about to finish the Sou-Matome books this week and bought the 500問題 book for N5-N4. I’m going to finish the Try! Grammar book next week. I’m looking to maybe purchase some other books to get as much practice in as I can, but am also kind of wondering if I should just take 3 weeks to review the books I did. I’ll include some extra ideas I have below, but overall just need advice on next steps to getting ready.

Ideas I’ve been throwing around:
Since the Sou-Matome books for N4 are the 5 topics condensed into 2 books, I was thinking of just redoing the books over 3 weeks and doing essentially a condensed version of the course and then moving on to something else.

As for Try! I think I’ll just kind of go through it again a read here and there, but while I like the explanations, I feel that the practice questions are a little too hand holdy. Like you get the grammar point pre-baked into the answer, so it’s just picking the right root word to make it correct, which doesn’t make your grammar understanding any better.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of getting all the Shinkanzen Master series books as they are basically overkill with explanation and I feel like I might need it for grammar.

If I can pass the N4, I’ll be doing the order completely reversed: Shinkanzen Master > Sou-Matome + Try! for Grammar > Sou-Matome Question books.


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