Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits


Ok, cool!
I’m happy to test and give feedback, feel free to PM me.


So… apparently that script overwrites Math.random without saving the original. I think there’s a workaround that might work - lemme try.


Minor update to Jitai: version 1.3.1! One change in this one:

  • Jitai now works with all reorder scripts (as long as they don’t do anything even more silly than what they’re already doing).

Maybe Jitai’s due for an update with more default fonts soon? :thinking:


Is it worth adding font-size manipulation to Jitai too? It’s not just different fonts that are hard; size makes a big difference too.

I messed with the script a bit and managed to make it so that the font-size is also randomly shrunk. It was an amusing exercise. The main issue was testing. I’d already finished all my reviews, so I had to wait for the next one to come before I could verify what I’d done. :smiley:

My goal was to see what would happen if I were faced with tiny PixelMplus10 prompts, but I forgot to install the font on my computer too. I managed to verify random font-size shrinking, but I’ll have to try this specific combination later.


The update killed the fonts I had turned on :cry: :cry: :cry:

Is there a way for us to set the fonts we want to use without getting them overwritten by updates?


Oh geez… Did it auto-update despite the fact that you’d edited it, or did you update manually?

The only way I can think of to have custom fonts automatically carry over through updates is to store the font list locally in localStorage or similar, and then let the user add to it or remove from it in a separate interface (perhaps on the WaniKani settings page). I’d rather not have to to that, but if people’s fonts are getting removed… :worried:


Tamper Monkey auto-updates if the version is incremented, manual updates be damned.

The main problem is, I don’t remember if I got fonts other than those you suggested. And if I did, I don’t know how to find them on my computer. I went through the list you give and re-selected the ones I like, but I haven’t tried to find my other fonts yet.

This time I copied my list to the comments section of Tamper Monkey so that when the script updates I don’t lose my list. And I disabled automatic updates for this script just to be extra safe.

As for what to do about this in the future, I don’t have any good ideas. The current approach isn’t great, but having to build a UI to let people set their fonts sucks and storing it in local storage or anything else specific to the browser just introduces other ways of losing the user’s preferences.


I don’t think there’s any point in rolling back now - I’m fairly certain most people who use custom fonts have already auto-updated by now. I guess I’ll think a bit about how (or whether) to solve this…

I’m thinking perhaps a UI on the settings page together with a JSON export / import feature might be good enough. That way, fonts will automatically carry over, but you can still save your list to disk if you want to migrate or you get paranoid.


this is amazing. thank you so much for your work on this!


I love this script too, thank you!


I have a slight problem where the first kanji in a review will be in a different font, but every other kanji in the review will be unaffected. What should I do?

Thank you


Now that’s very strange… What browser and userscript manager do you use, and what other userscripts do you use?


I use Microsoft Edge

On further inspection, the kanji change to a different font when I mouse over them
If I leave my mouse on the kanji while I type the answers below, it sort of works like it’s supposed to

It’s only using one other font though


Oh, Edge? With what userscript manager?


Tamper monkey


I get the same thing on mouseover with Chrome + Tampermonkey, but I thought it was intentional and find it really useful!

If the font is just way too calligraphic for me - I mouseover to see it in a different font (usually a gothic one / normal WK one).

[Edit: every question has a different font though - I don’t actually have the same issue as FG2019]


There we go! Jitai version 1.3.2 is out! This update fixes compatibility with Microsoft Edge, which (surprise, surprise), doesn’t follow certain web standards properly. I guess this means people will lose their font lists again, but… I don’t really have the time to implement the separate font storage at the moment. That’ll have to wait a bit. Sorry, @seanblue, for doing this to you again! :sweat_smile:

@FG2019 If you update, everything should work fine!


Thanks for the heads up. I made a backup of my selected fonts the last time it happened, so no worries!


Happy to report that everything is running smoothly, thank you soo much! (^_^)


This is brilliant! I wish I had this from the beginning, because it’s forcing me to think in terms of the structure of a kanji, rather than blunt recognition.

One thing I’ve noticed though, is that sometimes it gets inverted (Chrome on Mac), and it’ll show the default font first, and then change to the random font after I’ve answered. Then a few minutes later, it seems to right itself and all is good again.

Thanks for an awesome script!