Jisho.org listing for それぞれ?

This question has a specific part and a general part. (BTW, I searched the forums about this and couldn’t find anything that seemed to match.)

The listing on Jisho for それぞれ has a couple of different kanji forms (e.g. the main one which is 夫れ夫れ), which intrigued me.

Specifically, it also says that this is covered in Wanikani Level 22. I thought, “Cool!” and searched WK for a variety of different forms of それぞれ and came up empty each time (respectively; それぞれ, I guess? :nerd_face::sweat_smile:).

So I checked level 22, and scanned through it and the closest thing I found was 各々 which kinda means the same thing. The only thing about it is that 各々 reads as おのおの, not それぞれ, and the 各々 seems not to mention それぞれ anywhere, in any of its forms. And furthermore, Jisho’s post on それぞれ makes no mention of 各々 or おのおの.

Additionally, Jisho’s post for おのおの makes no mention of それぞれ, nor does it even mention that おのおの is covered in WK Level 22! Yet, strangely, searching Jisho for おのおの actually also lists それぞれ, even though おのおの doesn’t appear anywhere in that listing.

So, the specific question is: WTF?!
… Also, why doesn’t WK cover それぞれ, seeing as it’s JLPT N3, whereas おのおの isn’t even on JLPT?

And the more general question(s) is/are: Does this mismatch occur frequently between WK and Jisho (with different words/kanji)? Does it periodically get fixed, or is it continually getting corrupted over time? Etc.?

It might have been removed and Jisho never updated their entry. Or it’s just plain wrong. :man_shrugging:

It’s part of the N3 as a kana word. Also, WK isn’t a JLPT prep site so it’s not going to cover everything on the JLPT.

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It’s effectively never going to be written in kanji.

This seems like a mistake on Jisho’s part. That’s all.


Normally such a case should be listed in the other forms section here:

It is missing but it seems like it is recognized internally by Jisho, otherwise the それぞれ entries wouldnt even show up when you search 各々.

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@athomasm, @Leebo, @afunian Thanks for the answers; it’s about what I expected. But what say ye of these more general questions?

Id say that this is a special case in that its missing on Jisho, never seen it before personally.

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Cool, thanks for the feedback. That makes me feel more confident that it won’t be a recurring issue too much. Cheers! :blush:

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From what I’ve noticed, what jisho.org displays for the main entries is strictly whatever is in the JMDict source. I just checked the entries for both それぞれ and おのおの and there are no cross references between the two on JMDict.

The jisho.org search facility has more to it than a simple search over that source.


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