Japanese years

In book I’m reading came across this date but not seen this before (elsewhere in the book years are given as eg 一九四五 . How do I read this?

You’re talking about 二◯一一年? That’s 2011. にせんじゅういちねん

Over to the right there is also いっせんきゅうひゃくよんじゅうごねん, though 年 didn’t make it into the picture.

It would just be せん, rather than いっせん, but the wording of the OP made me think he was okay with that one, but yeah, just for clarity you just read them as if they were written in numerals like 2011 or 1945.

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Thanks, there was bound to be a mistake there, number are not my strong suit.

Yeah, I think a lot of WaniKani users probably say いっせん for “one thousand” more often than Japanese people due to いっせん being a vocab item.

In many cases it’s not “wrong”, and in some situations (such as businesses when reading monetary values, for some reason) いっせん is more common, but in practice just せん is most common for general “one thousand” usages.

However, in years (of modern time anyway) it’s always せん and never いっせん.


My bad. I got thrown by the zero!

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