Japanese Typing Practice

Does anyone know of websites to practice typing in Japanese? I’ve found a couple that let you practice sentences, which is nice, but none of them use ime or make you change kana to kanji. I was hoping to find something a little more like real life typing.

Here’s one of the non ime using websites I found

Again, it’s fine, I was just thinking I’d be able to find something that makes you convert kanji and I haven’t yet.


Honestly just don’t recommend that site based on the readings of the kana it uses, but I think you already know that.

I don’t exactly know what you mean by convert kanji, but…

What about something like this?


There’s this, but it’s in kana already.


If not, why don’t you just copy some lyrics or text and try to type it?

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There’s Typing of the Dead although I wish it didn’t have the Romaji underneath:

And you’ll need to find a means of getting the Japanese version somehow.

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No? I’m not sure what you mean.

like making せつめい become 説明(せつめい)

This website can’t seem to parse Japanese…

This is interesting.

Because that wouldn’t time me with an accuracy score? I like websites that call out my mistakes as I make them too

That is interesting, although I think I much prefer kanjiroids if I’m typing single words

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It says stuff like ti for ち and so on. And I find it annoying how it shows the romaji in the first place.
But it does seem to be a good site if you ignore all that and focus on the kanji.

You went to the wrong category, there’s a text category where you can type texts instead of single words or submit your own, but it’s behind a log-in, and the site doesn’t seem to work too well. You could still try.

Right, nihon-siki style. Aside from ん, but that’s to prevent 拗音(ようおん) from being input instead.

Because it’s meant for Japanese natives using a romaji keyboard? :sweat_smile:

All I clicked was that I wanted to type in Japanese and then it gave me that.

That gives me some options although it won’t let me create any text without a log in like you said.

It seems like you’re screwed if you don’t know a kanji reading though? Or am I wrong?

I didn’t log in, so I couldn’t tell you.

Thank you Kazzeon - I didn’t know about Supernative. I’m really enjoying it this morning.It’s just what I need right now. I love the way you can rewind to your heart’s content. And when I see the translation and recognise some kanji, I feel very happy.

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I happened to try this one again today and the key is to hit enter after each word, so
and so on.

I think you are still screwed if you don’t know a reading but it’s interesting :thinking:

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I found this video by accident

and really wanted to try the sushi typing game

It’s still not exactly what I had been looking for but it’s fun :slight_smile:
It seems to me like words are mostly shown in their most common forms, so it might be a nice way of exposing yourself to both more (common?) words and also how they’re typically written as opposed to how you might see them on WaniKani. It also seems to show some of the most efficient ways to type various patterns like ディ・ち・づ etc

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