Japanese School for Hearing-Impaired in Japan?

Hello guys,

First off, I’m deaf and is wearing implant cochlear, so I can hear fine, however I won’t be able to follow the teacher in a class with more than 3 students. It doesn’t matter if it is my native language. I unfortunately do not know sign language. So, private tutor is my best bet, but it does seems to conflict my goals.

Let me say my goals.
I’m aiming at getting permanent resident, that is number one goal.
In order to achieve that goal, it leaves me to two possibilities -
1 - 10 Years working visa
2 - 70-80 Points Highly Skilled Professional

In order to achieve the first goal, I’m aiming at going to vocational school called Toho Gakuen. It won’t guarantee me getting a job, but I do hope it will.

For the second goal, I’m aiming at Musashino Art University. 4 Years. Unlike the voctional school, the exam entrance seems very difficult, or does it?

I’m also considering the possibility of going to vocational school and then uni. But it’s not important for now.

Wheter it is attending first or second school, I will have to first start studying at Japanese school. Aiming to JLPT 2 or preferably JLPT 1.
But here is a problem, again, because I’m deaf, it will be very difficult. And the issue with tutor is that it is very expensive and doesn’t allow the possibility of student visa, or does it?

So, I’m asking, if by any chance, any of you know any International Japanese school does offer deaf/hearing-impaired support with student visa. Or possible any non-international japanese schools with that support while I get holiday working visa?

Speaking of financial, I did already had a plan for that and is already saving money, so it won’t be an issue.

I might as well aiming at going to Japanese sign language school. By knowing the sign language, I should be able to get an JSL interpreter at vocational or uni, right? I might as well consider getting Japanese speech therapist, but I don’t know for now.

Anyways, I think, that should be all for now, what do you think? I will be waiting your replies!

EDIT: Just found out the new app called Google Live Transcriotion. With this, I should not have issue taking small class. Teacher and I should be able to figure out using the app efficiently. Also, found the school called Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute that have experience with deaf education.


Best of luck to you! I hope someone chimes in with some good resources or that you’re able to find them.


Thanks, I hope so too. : )

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