Japanese Learning Course for JLPT on SALE! 90% off

I’m in no shape or form affiliated with anybody. I’m just happy to share.

Hey guys, just wanted to share something I found out through reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

Atainj has their JLPT Video/PDF courses on sale now: Online Japanese Courses!!!

Here is a nice tutorial on how to learn with these courses: ページリダイレクト

You can get these courses on Udemy even cheaper (10€ instead of 15€): https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?q=japanese&src=sac&kw=jap
(they also have smartphone apps, don’t know if Atainj also have apps)

Compare course thumbnail pictures to the ones from Atainj to be sure to get the correct course you want.

You can check the previews before buying. On Udemy you can pay with Bank Accound, Credit Card, or Paypal.

I bought N4/3/2/1 and will take N3 next summer.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Happy learning!

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Weirdly, the N1 course is actually available on Udemy (just a bit difficult to find).


Should be the first one on the list.


Is this ページリダイレクト
the same as this? https://www.udemy.com/japanese-n1-course/

I’m not 100% sure.

Edit: Just went ahead and bought N1 on Udemy. The price and number of lessons seem to be correct.

Must be. It seems that N1 is most recently published not long ago.

I myself bought N4-N2, and is currently doing N3.

This company seems to always 90% discount to me, since a few months ago. Nonetheless, it is quite good.

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If you search online you should be able to find coupon codes that set the price of all (or most? or many?) Udemy courses to $10.

Commercial reselling of udemy courses seems to be a thing now. College humor now sells (???) udemy courses–my friend just sent me a bundle of game dev courses that were selling at an “amazing discount”. “90% off sales” seems to be their business model.

Interesting since the original material seems to be from http://www.attainj.co.jp (Attain Corp. is given as a source in the minor title in Udemy web-front)

Resell of resell. That’s how business is done these days. I feel bad now. Should have bought it from the original source. I’m a cheap bastard :disappointed:

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I’m almost done doing the N4 course, definitely like the course. Even if you are above the level, since all the explanations are in Japanese, it’s a great exercise in listening to language/grammar explanations in Japanese. Just never buy a course at the normal price, you just will feel cheated when the next 10 USD-“sale” comes around every other week.

Not sure what you’re upset about. Udemy is just a place for people to host lessons they create, so your money spent there goes to Attain (at least as much as it would on any platform for selling this kind of thing).

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Oh wow, I’ve never heard of these courses before. Just bought the N2. Thanks! :slight_smile:
Edit: hmmm… makes me appreciate the free NihongonoMori content even more.

Appreciate the heads up. Bought the N2 course… could be nice to play the lesson while doing other stuff online haha

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