Requesting help related to BJT

Hello! I am looking for help related to the BJT preparation.
I studied for and passed JLPT N2 over a year ago. I am studying (not regularly enough) for JLPT N1.
However with my new job and other commitments, I think BJT would help me more than N1. I attend many meetings and formal situations where I am not confident to speak because my current (speaking)language might seem too casual. So, I am looking for any online classes or something similar to get help with business Japanese and e-mail writing. Also, I live in inaka part of Japan where there are no language schools and thus online classes are my best bet. Please share your knowledge and wisdom! Thank you!


Udemy has Japanese courses where you can watch class videos and get PDF notes. They have full price that is usually expensive and regular sales: about ¥1600 per course.
I bought and I’m going through the N3 JLPT course and I think it is quite good.
This one might match your needs:
Maybe someone on this forum has experience of it.

italki can also be used to find an online teacher for 1-to-1 video classes.

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One more that might be too basic for you but I list here:
(I’m interested if others have used it and what they think.)

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Thank you so much!
I shall look into the udemy course. This could be a good starting point for me.
Yes, I did use the NHK resources and they are good.

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Another one I bookmarked: Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo on Youtube has a Business Japanese playlist:

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I am so glad I asked this on the community. I hope this will be a good start for me.