Japanese jokes based on onomatopoeias?

Hello there,

I study translation and I have to write an essay on a subject of my choice, and connect it to translation theories. I’d like to write something about the translatability of japanese onomatopoeias, but to make it more interesting, I’d like to spin it around japanese jokes. In other word, select a few japanese joke based on onomatopoeias, and discuss the problems and possibe solutions of translation according to various translation study theories.

Now the thing is I need to find such jokes. I know they exist, I’ve found one :

Japan falls into the sea… Jappaaan ! (where Jappaaan is the sound of a big splash)

I need more of those… Would anyone know a magical place where such funnies can be found ? If not, I’ll have to make my subject less specific and the joke thing will only be a section in my essay :frowning:


A friend once told me one just like your 「ジャッパーン」ギャグ!
「坊っちゃんが池にぼっちゃん」The little boy [falls] in the pond, splash! :droplet:

Edit:also check this site for some really terrible おやじギャグ ‚¨‚₶ƒMƒƒƒO


「布団が吹っ飛んだ」 “The blanked was blown away.” Not really onomatopoiea but wordplay though. :slight_smile:

Would this be classified as 駄洒落 (ダジャレ)?

The link is PURE OYAJI Gyaggu GORUDO! Chapeau!

バスガイドがいないけど。。。バスが移動! :+1: :+1: :+1:


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