Japanese beginner grammar content

Anyone knows if you know a website where I can read beginner sentences which are highlighted to see what each part do, something with conjugation explained.


Tae Kim, I guess.

The Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I quess because everybody is referencing to it, I will give Tae Kim guide a try.

Are you looking for reading practice, or grammar information? If you’re looking for reading practice then something like Satori Reader (or TangoRisto, though I’m not sure that provides explanations of grammar) might be what you’re looking for, but they’re not exactly for complete beginners - see this thread (#shamelessselfpromotion).

If you’re just looking for grammar instruction, then I agree with something like Tae Kim. I can’t really think of any resources that provide purely what you’re asking for.

Bruh I’m confused myself. But to be honest wanikani helped me to read some kanji.
I got some basic particles, like wa or to, anything like that. It’s just the only thing I understand know is when I say: watashi wa, neko to inu desu or anata wa baka desu.

Whatever just really basic things but I want something more complex but on my level, that’s engaging where I can see the basis grammer stuff back.

Beginner sentences? Not so much.

The free TangoRisto app lets you read simple news articles. You can tap on any word, and it will first give the furigana (if you have it set like that) and if you tap again, it will give both the translation, and a comment on what conjugated form it is potentially in.

Random example:

And you get these kinds of details if you tap the definition for more info


I can vouch for Tae Kim. That’s actually where I started out with grammar. It was the clearest thing at the time for me… I still use it when I want to remember something quick. Now I have Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar


Doesn’t Satori Reader do this?

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