Jakeipuu : At what level do articles appear?

Hi All :slight_smile:
I use Jakeipuu for my lessons and reviews and noticed this super cool “reading practice” section. For me, no articles are shown so far - no matter how much I change the match percentage. I’m only at level 5 (almost 6) so I guess that’s normal. However, at which level do articles usually appear? Did you have some experiences with reading there and is your opinion on it?


I just installed Jakeipuu to check it out, so I can’t give you much data on this. For me (beginning of Level 22) there are 109 articles with at least 90% match.

Seems to be a really nice feature tbh, I’m definitely going to try and read some of those later :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley: That’s good to know!

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