🪴 Ivy's Big Adventure (Study Log) 🇲🇩 ♋

Hi everyone! I started writing this post more than a month ago, and the issue is… I want it to be so perfect, that I never actually get to post it. It seems that I should just accept that perfection doesn’t exist and JUST DO IT! So here we go.

Introduction (I wanted to call it brief, but it's not)

I’m Ivy, I just turned 24 and I’m from the little country Moldova (sorry for my English, I’m trying my best). I decided to make my own log for several reasons:

  • I need some interaction with other Japanese learners, because it always seems to go better when you feel connected.
  • I struggle with game addiction, which sometimes makes me stop learning alltogether.
  • Opposed to the previous one, sometimes I can shift towards studying too much Japanese. I tend to get very involved with whatever I do and this tendency leads to burning out too fast. I want to be more mindful of this.
  • I like numbers, stats, charts and everything that helps with tracking progress.

My experience before WaniKani:
Studying languages has always been part of me, something I always did for my own enjoyment. I began my journey with Japanese when I was around 16 years old, but back then my approach used to be so bad. After years of trial and error with many other languages I think I learnt what works for me. I did not have money to pay for WaniKani or any other resources and I didn’t even know they existed. Luckily, now I can afford it and it’s a joyful experience for me.

Why Japanese?:
I studied multiple languages, but this is the one that I keep turning back to. Everything about this language is attractive to me, especially the way it sounds and the writing system. It generally sounds like a very appealing language for creative writing, which is something I’m looking forward to. One more reason is watching anime without subtitles. Anime has always been a source of inspiration for me, not only in terms of emotions or ideas, but also aesthetically. Those vibrant colors seem to always bring me back to life whenever I’m feeling down. And there’s also a secret goal for which I need a pretty stable N3 level.

My first reset (and hopefully the last one xD):
I was very consistent and leveling up at max speed until level 24. But then, I fell in love and I dropped most of my activities. It ended up being a very toxic relationship, which I recently got out of.

The resources I'm currently using and some rules to follow

:heart: WaniKani (obviously)
:orange_heart: KaniWani+GoogleKeyboard: I use this one specifically for learning how to properly write Kanji. Instead of typing the answers, I draw them. It helps a lot with writing, distinguishing similar Kanji and reinforcing everything I learn on WaniKani. I used to just type in the answers, but thanks to my friend (you’ll find out more about her later on), I discovered that these can be actually painted. So I reset WK to level 1, and began the journey of improving my writing. Absolutely loving it! I don’t know whether most people already use it this way, but if you don’t - just try it out. Even for those who are not interested in learning how to write, it reinforces your kanji recognition a lot more.
:yellow_heart: Kitsun: I prefer it over Anki. Can’t explain the reasons, it just feels better. I’m not using the standard decks because I generally dislike learning random words (WK is an exception, since it’s specifically aimed for Kanji recognition). I create a new deck for each piece of writing I use for intensive reading. Here are my current decks:

:green_heart: Japanese Stories for Language Learners (book): Here’s a review on it on Tofugu. Review: Japanese Stories for Language Learners — Bilingual Stories in English and Japanese
I got this one from the friend I mentioned before. It’s absolutely amazing. The vocab and grammar are a lot higher than my current Japanese level, but I still love it. Deck 3 and 4 on Kitsun are based on this book, and I’m planning to make a deck for each story in this book.
:blue_heart: BunPro: Started recently (04.10.2022). Slowly introducing grammar to my daily practice. Actually I found out about this one long ago, when it used to be free. But because of my tendency to rush things, I ended up overwhelmed and dropped it alltogether. I just reset it and paid for the subscription, so it’s a new beginning.
:purple_heart: Resources I don’t use anymore, but they helped me on the way:

  1. LingoDeer: Not as effective as WK+BunPro, but it definitely helped me to set a solid background.
  2. Japanese Conjugation City: Loving this one. It’s so good for drilling verb and adjective conjugations.
  3. Takoboto: Amazing dictionary. Not using it right now, because the book mentioned before has all the translations and explanations I currently need. I used to pair it with WK lessons to write down more appealing (don’t judge me, creators of WK xD) example sentences for the words I was learning.

The rules I’m trying to stick to:

  • Not doing any new lessons before I finish my reviews.
  • Limit my time to max 1h per app (WK, KW, Kitsun).
  • Check my answers before submitting. (Accuracy>Speed)

I came up with these to stop myself from rushing. Maybe I should also introduce some rules for my gaming time, but that’s a whole different story…

And to add some color to the first post in this thread, here’s my WK wallpaper from 05.10.2022. One day it’ll all be completed. xD

I use my custom colors from Flaming Durtles.


Waiting for my first Burned Kanji to come in about a month, to have some red on this wallpaper.

I’m not sure yet how exactly I’m going to structure this log, but I’m happy to finally be posting it. Yaaaaaaay!

15 Jan 2023 LVL UP WaniKani 21
4 Jan 2023 LVL UP WaniKani 20
26 Dec 2022 DROP Unsubscribed from Kitsun
26 Dec 2022 DROP Unsubscribed from BunPro
14 Dec 2022 LVL UP WaniKani 19
8 Dec 2022 WIN Finished BunPro N5 grammar
14 Nov 2022 LVL UP WaniKani 18
9 Nov 2022 NEW Added physical activity to the overall routine
7 Nov 2022 WIN Finished reading my first ever long story
6 Nov 2022 WIN First Burned kanji
4 Nov 2022 LVL UP WaniKani 17
14 Oct 2022 NEW Subscribed to Satori Reader
4 Oct 2022 NEW Subscribed to BunPro

In case any of them suit you, feel free to use them. <3

Parts 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
Month Rev Less
WK KW Kitsun BunPro WK KW Kitsun BunPro
Additional activities
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

- Activity 1; - Activity 2


A post with the total items count on each app for random dates. Not sure what’s the purpose of it, but I just like watching the numbers grow. xD
I think I’m going to update it twice a month, cause doing it too often might turn this post into a long sausage after a few months.
Just realized that I can hide the content to prevent it from becoming too long. :upside_down_face:

Lvl Apprentice Guru Master Enlightened Burned
01.09.2022 14 78 607 534 890 0
25.09.2022 14 15 245 555 1293 1
04.10.2022 14 65 232 531 1380 1
21.10.2022 15 61 350 293 1689 20
04.11.2022 16 66 349 315 1828 20
01.12.2022 18 79 396 356 1604 381
15.12.2022 19 84 340 361 1457 649
01.01.2023 19 107 361 361 1391 841
18.01.2023 21 141 442 381 1246 1113
Lvl Apprentice Guru Master Enlightened Burned
07.09.2022 9 43 266 305 78 -
25.09.2022 2 48 RESET RESET 1 -
04.10.2022 4 100 103 - 1 -
21.10.2022 5 48 290 40 1 -
04.11.2022 6 91 243 214 1 -
01.12.2022 6 33 208 309 3 -
15.12.2022 6 8 111 198 236 -
01.01.2023 7 74 23 229 301 -
18.01.2023 8 80 164 106 428 1
Lvl Beginner Novice Intermediate Expert Master
07.09.2022 5 65 193 - - -
25.09.2022 6 34 86 138 - -
04.10.2022 6 43 89 166 - -
21.10.2022 8 85 161 215 - -
04.11.2022 9 92 269 126 159 -
01.12.2022 10 54 296 220 191 -
15.12.2022 11 67 236 151 307 -
01.01.2023 11 67 231 151 312 -

Temporarily or permanently dropped.

BunPro Lvl Beginner Adept Seasoned Expert Master Ghosts
04.10.2022 1 2 - - - - -
21.10.2022 13 8 44 - - - 2
04.11.2022 21 3 46 42 - - 2
01.12.2022 29 7 19 96 - - 7
15.12.2022 30 21 11 104 - - 4
01.01.2023 31 17 11 108 - - 14

Temporarily or permanently dropped.

September 2022: The month before this log. Getting to 0 reviews

There’s been one more week of completely ignoring Japanese because of games, which is why I got some reviews piled up. Not too much, but it’s still something I try to avoid. These “breaks” always lead to a significant drop in my accuracy, speed and ability to focus. I also do reviews and lessons with music, so I get distracted to sing or dance. But honestly right now I don’t feel ready to give up on music, so leaving it as it is for now. (Ironically been writing this while reviewing the vocab “focus”.)

I’m trying to play less and come back to Japanese. Slow but I’m getting there. Done some reviews and subscribed to Kitsun, since my 2 week free trial ended.

Here’s a table I’m only going to use until I get to 0 Reviews on each app, since it doesn’t reflect the actual number of reviews I do per day. Initially I had Lessons count in here as well. It came out to be useless, since I don’t wanna let myself do Lessons before I finish Reviews, so the numbers just stayed the same.

September 2022 WK Reviews KW Reviews Kitsun Reviews
01.09 12:00 334 397 250
02.09 10:00 417(+83) - -
04.09 19:00 528(+111) - -
05.09 01:00 351(-177) - -
07.09 10:00 485(+134) 435(+38) 258(+8)
07.09 23:00 315(-170) 462(+27) 112(-146)
15.09 18:00 108(-207) 538(+76) 81(-31)
15.09 22:00 71(-37) RESET 51(-30)
16.09 13:00 142(+71) 38(+38) 63(+12)
17.09 15:00 102(-40) - 46(-17)
19.09 15:00 175(+73) 48(+10) 70(+24)
21.09 15:00 176(+1) - 78(+8)
22.09 10:00 94(-82) - 152(+74)
23.09 14:00 115(+21) - 107(-45)
25.09 13:00 68(-47) 32(+32) 106(-1)
25.09 13:00 0(-68) 0(-32) 0(-106)

Yay, I did it! Now I can switch to a different type of table, which will reflect the number of reviews I do each day. And since I zeroed them all out, I can do some new lessons. Happy! :3

September 2022 WK Reviews KW Reviews Kitsun Reviews WK Lessons KW Lessons Kitsun Lessons
25.09 16 6 13 10 40 -
26.09 29 45 58 12 - -
27.09 78 78 18 19 20 5
28.09 79 94 22 9 10 10
29.09 - - - - - -
30.09 95 35 74 20 30 5

October 2022
A sketchy plan for this month, including a table with my daily number of reviews and lessons:

Lvl 15 on WK
Lvl 16 on WK
Add all the new words to my 4th Kitsun deck, based on 雪女 (link to the book in the Intensive reading section below)

Finish studying the words from 雪女 (Yuki Onna)
Honestly I have so much trouble forcing myself not to jump into reading new stories and making more decks. My mind is always craving something new, and all of it seems so much more interesting than whatever I’m currently doing, even though I was totally obsessed with the previous story just a few days ago or even yesterday. I’ve already studied 100 words from a new deck, but I’m trying to unlearn this bad habit of leaving tasks unfinished. Tracking everything surely brings more awareness.
Another one is having an internal conflict when it comes to extensive reading. I have hard times just reading without making decks with new vocab, because it feels like I’m going to lose that useful experience. Not sure how to solve this one yet. I guess I will just set a clear distinction between intensive and extensive reading and bear through the pain of not making new decks before I finish studying the previous ones. I literally feel how much objection I’m getting from my mind which loves switching from one thing to another. :joy:

Read the first 20 chapters Satori Reader | Kona's Big Adventure

Intensive reading

Review: Japanese Stories for Language Learners — Bilingual Stories in English and Japanese (book):

浦島太郎 (1st story) 11 13 15
雪女 (2nd story) 23 25 27
蜘蛛の糸 (3rd story) 37 39 41 43 45
溺れかけた兄妹 (4th story) 61 63 65 67 69 71
73 75 77 79 81
セロ弾きのゴーシュ (5th story) 111 113 115 117 119 121
123 125 127 129 131 133
135 137 139 141 143 145
147 149 151

Adding some more reading material. The goal is similar to the previous one; read the whole story and add all the unknown words to a new Kitsun deck.
Link to the story: Satori Reader | Kona's Big Adventure

Chapters 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45
Extensive reading

Link to the story: Satori Reader | The Jam Maker

Chapters 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Reviews and Lessons count
October 2022 WK Reviews KW Reviews Kitsun Reviews BunPro Reviews WK Lessons KW Lessons Kitsun Lessons BunPro Lessons
01.10 127 86 - - - -
02.10 - - 39 - - -
03.10 144 75 29 NEW 20 25 10 NEW
04.10 169 143 63 16 16 30 20 8
05.10 120 66 55 43 26 10 20 5
06.10 78 62 49 24 5 20 13 -
07.10 193 63 66 36 10 15 - 7
08.10 28 105 - - - - - -
09.10 164 45 78 34 17 - - -
10.10 53 42 - 10 - 20 - -
11.10 154 99 78 21 30 20 10 4
12.10 124 44 12 15 20 20 - 4
13.10 111 77 62 57 20 20 10 4
14.10 61 103 30 21 10 10 20 4
15.10 128 34 43 28 - - - 8
16.10 97 77 53 26 - - - -
17.10 96 31 42 40 15 20 10 -
18.10 95 107 71 32 25 20 20 4
19.10 49 43 62 26 - - 20 2
20.10 97 79 46 32 20 - 20 2
21.10 133 39 72 38 20 10 10 6
22.10 100 23 150 41 10 10 20 -
23.10 80 80 100 50 - 10 - 4
24.10 100 80 100 50 25 10 20 4
25.10 100 80 100 50 5 10 - 2
26.10 100 80 80 50 5 10 20 8
27.10 100 30 110 50 10 20 65 -
28.10 100 80 110 50 20 - - 5
29.10 140 80 110 50 20 40 - -
30.10 100 80 110 50 - - - -
31.10 84 60 60 50 20 10 - 6

I must say I admire the dedication to detail and tracking…but my one worry for you is that this level of tracking may lead to burnout? I would take the overall “theme” of what you are attempting to accomplish and try to simplify it a bit into your overall lifestyle. The idea of not doing new lessons until all reviews is gone is great, but do you need to track it? I know personally that this would add that much extra gravity to my overall studies, and for me personally, would either unessesarilly slow me down, or would discourage me if I fell behind.

Either way, great job so far! I’m working through my (please don’t tell anyone this) my 3RD WK RESET!! Though, our study plans are almost identical. I’m using Kitsun, and as well I’m using KaniWani. Though instead of Google Keyboard, I’m using an Apple Pencil on my iPad to practice writing the Kanji - form of answers on KaniWani. Doing Bunpro as well. Going very slowly and taking great notes as I go, but only have about 20 lessons left until all of N5 is complete…then on to N4!

My past two resets, I had made it to levels 14/15…so about where you are. What book are you reading that you’re basing your Kitsun deck on? I just ordered and received a bunch of Tadoku Graded Readers to start reading away with. The level 0 was way too easy. I had to look up maybe 2-3 words per story, and knew all grammar points. The Level 1 books were the same, maybe looked up 5-10 words per story, again knew all grammar points. I just received the Level 2 book set yesterday, but have yet to crack it open. I’m sure I’ll have quite a few items to add to Kitsun after starting the level 2 series.

Cheers, and good luck with your studies Ivy :slight_smile:

Edit: Nevermind…just saw your link to the book you’re reading. What are your thoughts so far? What is the difficulty like? My main goal for Japanese study is to efficiently read/consume Japanese…so I’m looking for a nice gradual way to start becoming comfortable with reading material. The Tadoku Graded readers have been great…but your book definitely has my interest. Curious your thoughts. Thanks!


For me personally it doesn’t feel like a burden at all. I’m kind of aware about how much I can handle, so I slow it down whenever I feel like it’s too much. On my first WK attempt I was going full speed, 1 week per level, which is something I don’t do anymore. So I’m good so far, thank you :3

I’m not sure how to assess the difficulty, since it’s basically translated word by word. But without the translation it would be a lot higher than my level, since I barely know any vocab or grammar points from the book. I do like it a lot though, most of the vocab is something I’m interested in. I’m going very slow with it, only a few sentences or a paragraph a day.

Yeah, I’d say that’s my main goal as well. Really looking forward to being able to read some fantasy books and play games in Japanese.

Let me know how it goes. I never tried that series. I’m very picky when it comes to reading and consuming in general, so I tend to ignore regular textbooks.

Thaaaank you!


Will do. I actually just discovered this is covered in a dedicated reading thread! Link here: Graded Readers and Parallel Texts "Book Club"

It’s not really a textbook, so much as just a graded reader. So far there’s been a few interesting stories. Maybe you’ve heard of Hachiko the dog (the stupidly depressing story of the dog that waits daily at the station for his deceased owner)? There’s a few fables and short stories kind of like that. But your book definitely has my interest due to having translations provided. I already ordered it! Might reach out to you after I’ve given it a shot. :slight_smile:


Thank you, will check it.

Your description got me laughing xD Yeah, I heard of it, but never watched the movie.

Please do!

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Yup…got the book last Friday. I do like that there are 1:1 translations…but I’m in the same boat–If I didn’t have those translations it would definitely be above my level. Great book to have, and I’m sure I will dig into it at some point…but I think I will put it back on my shelf until I’m ready. Thinking I should complete all of the Tadoku Graded Readers at a minimum, before I pick this back up again. I could parse bits and pieces out of the Taro Urushima story…but not enough to comfortably enjoy reading it. The translations are invaluable to decipher the nuance of certain things, in that prior to having 1:1 translations, I only made educated guesses at…so definitely good to have!

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November 2022:
New month - new goals

WaniKani Lvl 17 (almost there)
WaniKani Lvl 18
WaniKani Lvl 19
Finish N5 Grammar on BunPro
Current progress:
Finish reading Part 1 Satori Reader | Kona's Big Adventure

  1. Add all new words to Kitsun
  2. Study them!

Burn my first kanji and words
Not really a goal cause it’s going to inevitably happen. It will add a new color to my kanji wallpaper! Yay! Is it weird to be excited so much about it? I’m literally counting the days as if it were a special event. xD


Finally some burned kanji!

The deck ended up having 797 words. So I’m happily starting a new one, while I keep learning the vocab from Kona and grammar on BunPro.



I feel that I’m missing a lot on kanji knowledge. I can read plenty of words just because of visual memory, but not knowing the kanji holds me back from learning them properly. So I see two options:

  1. Speed up WaniKani and spend less time on other resources;
  2. Go for kanji decks on Kitsun instead of vocab decks.

I was going to choose the first one, but since I’m feeling more resistance towards the second one, something tells me that it’s the right one. I can see where the resistance comes from. Making kanji decks is more tedious than words. But if I speed up WaniKani, it will also result in more vocab and higher risks of getting overwhelmed. Also some of the kanji that I often see are from levels 40-60 on WK, which means I’ll still have to wait for possibly more than a year to get there, and it makes me unhappy. xD So I’m going for the second option.
Combined with the change I mentioned above, I want to reduce or give up completely on intensive reading for a while. New words seem to stick a lot better after I encounter them a few times in different stories, instead of forcing them into my head right away as I am doing now. As such, I will let myself read more and get the context at least a few times before I proceed to grinding them.
As a source I’m still going to stick with Satori Reader since I paid for the subscription and there’s plenty of stories I enjoy, despite other people calling them boring. As long as there are animals involved, I’m in. xD After I’m done with the ones I like, I might as well end my subscription. We’ll see.


There are some things that I genuinely dislike doing. So here a list of things I keep procrastinating on.
Reread and study the grammar points:
コナの大冒険 (Part 1)
Add all the kanji I’ve been collecting for the past week to Kitsun
Make a table with onomatopoeia I struggle with
Edit: 🪴 Ivy's Big Adventure (Study Log) 🇲🇩 ♋ - #10 by Ivy_K_Elliot
Share some experiences from the past week


Here we go again. Whenever I get back into games everything falls apart. Not as bad as it used to be, but still a very weak point of mine. Now I have to get rid of my review piles. Also feeling sick, so I’m going to take it slow.
This is what happens to my reviews when I play too much…

Some other weak points to work on

(Not going for all of them this month, but I’ll just keep them here as a reference for what I have to do next)
Never really bothered with learning it properly, and I don’t regret it. But I think the time has come to grind the kana I’m weak at for a while.
Passive form of verbs
What is Shimau after the verbs and why is it everywhere
Conditional form
Nakerebaikenai as a double negative
Same issue here. Plenty of them are so similar, that I have trouble differentiating.
Verb pairs
Linking words

Reviews and Lessons count
Nov 2022 Rev Less
WK KW Kitsun BunPro WK KW Kitsun BunPro
01.11 120 80 120 50 - 10 20 4
02.11 120 80 90 50 - - 10 -
03.11 40 40 70 50 30 30 30 -
04.11 120 80 120 50 40 - 10 2
05.11 120 20 80 50 - - - 4
06.11 120 60 90 50 20 4 20 4
07.11 120 10 120 50 15 - 20 6
08.11 120 50 120 50 10 - 20 -
09.11 120 20 120 50 15 - - 2
10.11 120 - 120 50 5 - 20 4
11.11 130 - 30 30 30 - - -
12.11 130 - 90 30 - - - -
13.11 130 - 30 30 - - - -
14.11 130 - 90 30 30 - 10 4
15.11 150 30 90 30 20 - 10 2
16.11 150 - 10 30 - - - -
17.11 120 - 40 30 - - 5 -
18.11 120 20 60 50 10 - - 1
19.11 100 20 - 30 10 - - -
20.11 40 - - - 20 - - -
21.11 70 - - - - - - -
22.11 20 - - 30 - - - -
23.11 10 - - - - - - -
24.11 - - - - - - - -
25.11 - 6 - - - - - -
26.11 50 10 30 50 - - - -
27.11 60 - - 30 - - - 2
28.11 - - - - - - - -
29.11 60 20 - 30 - - - -
30.11 60 20 - 30 - - - -
Intensive reading
Chapters 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45
Chapters 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Extensive reading

Satori Reader | Hole in the Wall

Episodes 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58
Physical activity
Nov 2022
Week 1 NEW 09 10 11 12 13
Week 2 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Week 3 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Week 4 28 29 30

- Going for a walk; - Learning choreography


Inspiration hunting!

I have the tendency to be absorbed a little too much by whatever I’m learning and completely disconnect from people and reality in general. Not that bad for short periods of time, but pretty damaging in the long run. I seem forget that one of my motivations to learn the language is to eventually be able to share knowledge with other learners and help them on their way.
Thus I decided to embark on a little trip through other people’s study logs in search for new study resources, routines, ideas and friends. :3
Shared by ℍ ᴀ n ᴀ. Find images and videos about gif and anime gif on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.
I hope this will also help with my fear of sharing personal thoughts and experience. I know it’s all in my head. I’m thinking too much about whether I’m sharing too much or too little, how do other people perceive everything I post and so on and so forth. I end up overthinking and editing my thoughts to the point that they get stiff and lifeless. So I’m looking forward to adding a pinch of genuine emotions to all of it. <3

I’m going to update this post with some notes on whatever catches my attention throughout this journey.


Should have updated it a lot earlier, but for some reason I keep avoiding it. I guess I still feel uncomfortable with sharing.

The first thing I absolutely had to add to my routine is physical activity. I saw Twelve doing that and I loved it. Amazing study log with plenty of insights! The amount of effort is obvious and it makes me want to do better as well. Enjoyed reading it and will definitely keep following what comes next. We’re also similar in some aspects like being affected by seasonal depression and quickly sliding into an obsessive mindset if not being careful, which makes it even more relatable for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now on the physical activity. Even though I’ve only been doing it for 3 days, the positive experience I’m getting from it is obvious. I never thought about linking it to my Japanese studies. I’ve heard before that there’s the concept of stacking positive habits together, but I couldn’t figure out how exactly it can be applied.
The first thing I added is going for a walk. Because of the severe social anxiety issues I had between the ages of 9 and 22, I still tend to perceive the outside world as a dangerous place. My anxiety is mostly gone, but memories still linger somewhere in the air, that’s why I kept avoiding going outside. But as soon as I started, so much positive change emerged from it. In the very first day I noticed that I’m feeling better both physically and mentally. Fresh air and sun exposure instantly improved my well-being. Might not be that big of a change for most people, but for me, besides being naturally sensitive to physical environment, I also deprived myself from it for more than half of my life. Of course I would go outside for groceries or some other reasons, but it was always in a rush and with the desire to come back home as soon as possible. However going for a walk for the sole purpose of enjoying it surely hit me different. I think it’s the first time I did in … I don’t even know how many years. Just allowing myself to enjoy the smells, colors, sounds with no rush or expectation involved. It makes me feel a lot better for the rest of the day.

Since there was still some moderate levels of anxiety involved, I allowed myself to do some lessons while being outside. So I basically took something familiar and brought into an unfamiliar environment, to ease the avoidance of going there. And it worked!
The second activity I added is learning choreography. Always wanted to try it out. Can’t say much about it yet, since it’s something that will show its effect after a longer time. But even from the first few days I can see some improvement to my posture, or at least my awareness about it. I’m also feeling more connected to my body, which is something I usually disregard because I put more value on activities that involve thinking. There’s a chance that it’s not something natural to me and I just grew up with this mindset because it was valued in my family, and most physical and creative activities were not taken seriously. But I can’t be certain on this one yet, cause I have to do it for a longer time.
Loving them both so far!

I’ve also read a few more logs and looking at people’s efforts despite real life struggles and other distracting factors is so inspiring. I’m so grateful for being able to read through them. Thank you all for sharing the experience and helping me gain more courage because of that. :shamrock:


You seem to be very invested right now, keep it going ! I’m impressed by the number of SRS involved in your routine. How do you feel so far, are you satisfied with the balance you created between your Japanese studies and the other aspect of your life ?
I’m glad to see other fellow learners at more or less the same point in Wanikani, making their way up ! It pumps me up :fire:

Ah calligraphy is such a beautiful art, unfortunately I suck at everything involving a pen. My drawing skills stopped improving at first grade level :see_no_evil:
I can see the benefit for memorizing but I think I would be too frustrated by my own incompetence in drawing beautiful Kanji haha

Reading is never a loss of experience, if you feel like you add too much vocab, maybe try to select the words you think will be the most useful in the future, or limit the amount of new vocabulary/chapter. I think that’s how I will approach making flashcard when I introduce back Anki. But probably easier said than done since it seems that not making decks gives you anxiety :laughing:

You started a Work-Out Log as well I see :eyes:

PS: I’m thrilled for the reveal of your secret goal once you Reach N3 !

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Hard to give an answer, cause I can’t really balance something that doesn’t exist. xD
I think learning Japanese is the most organized aspect of my life atm. I was not allowed to do the things I loved as a child, like learning foreign languages, dancing or drawing. Not that I was completely banned from it, but the amount of judgement I got from my family pushed me to give up. Now that I “escaped” and can choose for myself, I’m in the process of reevaluating my priorities and shifting my life to a direction that would fit me more.

Same for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I want to get back to painting when I reach a level that satisfies me in my Japanese studies.
Well… I don’t think that the kanji I draw in KaniWani are beautiful xD I just do the bare minimum for the app to recognize them. They definitely come up ugly, but I don’t care cause beautiful writing is not my current goal.

Yup, it does. Initially I wanted to get rid of this habit, but now I found some benefits to it. It prevents me from consuming too much content and getting overwhelmed, kind of the same thing that WaniKani does by limiting your amount of lessons. My struggles mostly come from doing too much, even to the point that it messes up with my physical health.

Yes! I actually saw it in someone else’s log, and thought to myself that it’s a wonderful idea. But I want to write a longer post related to this topic, so won’t give much details now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t have to wait. I wanted to apply for a job at Tofugu, it seemed to really fit my interests and skills, but it’s not available anymore. :frowning:

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I’m sorry to hear that and I’m glad you got somewhat out of it, life is complicated enough as it is without having close one dragging you down :confused:
You still have plenty of time to figure out and try what really matters to you. And if Japanese helps you bringing back order into chaos that’s great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, people usually talk about planning for people that struggle with getting things done but in your case it’s more about putting some regulation so that you don’t burn out.

Oh ok, maybe another opportunity will raise in the future and you will still need N3 ( or above) so it’s still worth as a goal !

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Sure it is!
Thank you for the kind words. :3

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December 2022

By the end of the year:
WaniKani lvl 19
WaniKani lvl 20
Finish N5 Grammar on BunPro


Starting this month with a lot of uncertainty. Got plenty of reviews piled up. Not setting any new goals, since I’ve barely finished half of the tasks from last month. I’m very confused about what I should be doing, because I’ve not studied for a few weeks, and it’ll take some time to get back on track. As a starting point I will just try to get back to 0 reviews on all of the apps I’m using. No idea how long it might take me. My daily routine turned into a mess and I haven’t seen the sun for weeks, which makes me feel so much worse. That’s the main reason for why I stopped going out for a walk. I can’t stand this weather, so I will not try to force myself to go out until it gets better. But since I still want to have at least 2 different physical activities, I’m going to replace the walks with stretching.


While I’m taking my time to get rid of the review piles and not doing any new lessons, I started consuming more content in Japanese. And I’m impressed by the amount of words from WaniKani I came upon. Some of them seemed so weird when I was studying them, however seeing them in games or anime made it so much easier to grasp the actual meaning. Feels like a breath of fresh air. :shamrock: :blue_heart:
We also got our first snow this year, and it feels a little better than just bare trees, even though the sun still keeps hiding. Slowly getting more excited about the upcoming holidays and things seem to get better.


One small step away from a new victory. :3
Not sure how relatable it is for other people, but for some reason N5 grammar seemed to be more challenging, while N4 goes a little bit smoother. I might be biased, since I only went through a few N4 grammar points. But the source of this feeling might be that while learning N5 grammar, we’re still building the foundation and getting used to the word order. Excited to see how long it will take me to go through N4, but I’m leaving it for next year. :yellow_heart:


I do still have time to get to lvl 20 by the end of the year, but I’m not sure whether I want to rush it just for the sake of checking the box. I’m also reconsidering the amount of SRS apps I’m using and some other shifts to my study routine.

  • BunPro is nice as a means of structuring grammar knowledge, but it mostly feels like drilling specific sentences, instead of the grammar points themselves.
  • Even though I enjoy the way Kitsun looks and the easiness to create new cards, I really want to learn Migaku, which is better paired with Anki. So I see no point in having 2 flashcard apps. Why Migaku? It seems to be a good tool to combine the different aspects of learning Japanese, without increasing the amount of apps I use. Sometimes having too many of them might be overwhelming, especially when life gets in the way. I’m so glad that I found out that Migaku exists, before committing to Kitsun and BunPro lifetime purchases.
  • I want to write more by hand. Even if I can’t express my own thoughts yet, I still enjoy writing and it’s something I value a lot, even if it’s just copying some random text or grammar sentences. Thinking of it now, I got the most improvement in my English when I had to write plenty of essays.
  • Speaking has never been a priority for me, but I love singing and Japanese songs are such an invaluable source of inspiration and happiness. I also really enjoy voice acting, trying to mimic different characters, their voices and speech patterns, so I guess should not ignore this aspect as well.

I generally want to start focusing more on my actual preferences this year, instead of just learning for the sake of it. I don’t have that much time left until I get to the stage of life where I’ll have a lot more responsibilities and a lot less free time, so I better spend it wiser.


Thanks to @Midnightblue I did it before the year ended, so now I’m ready for next year in terms of WaniKani schedule! Happy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
With this speed, I should reach level 35 by mid-July, which is the time I’ll get my Master’s Degree and move to a different country. So excited! :3

Getting back to 0 reviews
December 2022 WK Reviews KW Reviews Kitsun Reviews BunPro Reviews
03.12 15:00 533 417 426 83
04.12 01:00 466 340 429 86
05.12 16:00 290 350 325 107
06.12 16:00 257 349 334 74
08.12 12:00 175 287 314 74
08.12 16:00 153 150 302 78
12.12 12:00 224 93 347 125
13.12 09:00 94 77 260 89
18.12 23:00 492 35 357 132
20.12 13:00 439 49 367 143
25.12 14:00 48 36 343 132
26.12 15:00 97 41 * 113
26.12 19:00 0 29 * 57
27.12 19:00 0 34 * 97
28.12 21:00 0 0 * 57
29.12 10:00 0 0 * 35

* Replaced with Anki.

Physical activity
Dec 2022
Week 1 01 02 03 04
Week 2 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Week 3 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Week 4 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Week 5 26 27 28 29 30 31

- Stretching; - Dancing

Templates for next year

The amount of lessons/reviews doesn’t always reflect the effort and time spent, since the difficulty of the items might vary. As such, I’ll try recording the amount of time I dedicate to each activity. I want to add grammar as well, but I can’t seem to find a resource that would fit me.

Month Recognition Writing Reading Immersion
App WaniKani KaniWani Satori Reader Game Gengo

Don’t be too hard on yourself, things happen and it’s hard to deal with everything. Take your time and concentrate on what keeps you motivated. I’m glad you’re here trying to get back on track. Don’t ever prevent yourself from coming back at something you like because “it’s been too long” or “it’s too late”. There’s a lot of testimonies in this community of people who had ups and down on their road and in the end manage to pull through :slight_smile:

I know winter sucks for a lot of people, short days and bad weather are a though combination. Hope you find some things to cheer you up during this period.
Maybe you should move to a sunnier country one day ! :sunny:


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yup, that’s what I’m aiming for. :3

To echo what Makushi said, I am also glad that you have returned. :slight_smile: I know that this time of the year can be difficult for a lot of people.

If you celebrate the holidays, is there a movie you look forward to watching? Home Alone is my all time favorite!

home alone christmas movies GIF


Thank you! :purple_heart:

Not sure about movies, but there are some cartoons that I absolutely love to watch over and over again. My favorite is 101 Dalmatians, never getting tired of it. Also Ice Age, Lady and the Tramp, The Fox and the Hound and so many more.
Thank you for reminding me that I should watch them again. :3


I recently stumbled upon your log a few days back! Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on finishing all N5 grammar on Bunpro. I actually got motivated by your post because I’ve mostly just been doing reviews and only doing 3 lessons once or twice a week on Bunpro. I should really get a move on to complete all N5 and N4 grammar since I’ve just committed to taking JLPT N4 in July. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Also love your choice of movies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was just at a Disney pop up shop the other day and they were playing Disney soundtracks sang in Japanese. Honestly, it wasn’t a nice experience for me and made me cringe, but I wonder if may be you would be open to the idea of watching them dubbed in Japanese? I probably couldn’t do it myself :sweat_smile: