Is WK a viable main study resource

I scrolled through here and I saw a lot of convoluted answers so here is my personal noob methodology I have put together to tackle the exact concerns you are bringing up:

Kanji: WaniKani (with self study script and additional filters script which gives access to audio only drills and leech training) + Kaniwani

Kana: Anki Katakana Core 10k deck shared

Grammar: Bunpro, LingoDeer (offers listening drills), Genki, YouTube.

Chrome extensions: (makes it incredibly easy to practice reading with a great UI), Yomichan (anki connect which allows super fast vocab import to your deck with audio samples and more!)

Custom Content: Personal Anki Deck for verb conjugations, grammar, additional core vocab, and pronunciation training. Screenshot Note: yes there is a crappy attempt at a mnemonic.

WaniKani Scripts: Picture of my WaniKani Home Page + the scripts I am running to improve my experience. Jitai changes the fonts and is really useful recognition.

Final thought: I’m only a month into learning so I plan on working for a few months like this until I feel ready to pay for lessons via iTalki. I have tried plenty of additional resources not listed here but a lot of them I find strenuous to comprehend and nowhere near the polished level of WaniKani. Cough Cough Tae Kim. I know people get a lot out of other well shared resources but you have to find what suits you through experimentation. Japanese is hard :exploding_head: Good luck fellow learner!