Is WaniKani sad this morning?

The main dashboard endpoint appears to be timing out…


Yes, something happened just now.

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Yup same for me. I was doing reviews and suddenly timed out. Now I cannot load WK at all.

The website died mid-review for me D,:

This was a very sad morning for the whole world, not just WK.


Was in the middle of doing lessons a few minutes ago and it went down.

can confirm, was in the middle of reviews and got kicked out.
I was so close to finishing too :frowning:

I was in the middle of testing projections when I couldn’t load WKStats all of a sudden. When I couldn’t go to the WK website either, I thought something was wrong with my Internet…

Same, webpage isn’t loading. Hope WK servers are not in eastern Europe

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Same situation here. Guess someone broke it. And I need to do 80 reviews…

Too soon!!

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Hi all! We are looking into this now. Thanks for your patience while we work on a solution! :pray:


Heroku, our platform host, is experiencing issues so we are waiting to hear more info from them.


Our hosting company is having some issues (clearly). They’re aware of the problem and they’re working on it. We’ll be spamming their status page and our tickets and will update you as soon as we have any kind of answer.


Spamming is not very nyaaaice. :cat2:

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I’m sure it was just used as a figure of speech. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I meant spamming the refresh button waiting for updates. All support teams need to feel the well-earned love, not harassment.


Looks like they’ve resolved the issue — it’s loading on our end and we’re seeing traffic slowly return to normal levels. Let us know if you continue to see anything weird going on. I mean, new and weird. :wink:


you guys are freaking awesome XD


Still down…

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