Is this talking in third person?

I want to know if this is grammatically correct.
A friend of mine texted me:
“それは(Her Name)です”

Does this mean “that is (her name)”?

Please provide what occurred previously (IE. what is that a reply to?).
Context is extremely important in Japanese.

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She had only previously said hello.

In my experience それ refers to “that”. This refers to something that is not close to the speaker but close to the listener. Is this a native speaker you are talking to?

(I am a beginner in grammar. Someone please correct me if I am wrong in an additional meaning here.)


My guess is that it’s a typo?

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That’s what I am thinking. Perhaps trying to type これは(NAME)です and getting it mixed up with それ。Though that wouldn’t necessarily be correct either, right? Also, why I asked if it was a native speaker. Thoughts?

She’s a beginner

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If she’s a beginner, maybe she’s unfamiliar with the natural ways to introduce yourself in Japanese? It’d be a lot more natural for her to just say NAMEです, but she can also say a few other variants if she wants to. I’d probably just kindly correct her if you’re up to it (I have a friend I don’t correct because she gets mad at me when I do, even if the correction was accurate, ha).

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Yeah, to the best of my knowledge this is fine if she’s telling you somebody elses name.

If she’s saying her own name, then there are various ways to go about it. The one most beginners will learn is わたしのなまえは__です(My name is __ ). There are more natural ways to say it and other variations, but that can come later.

Now I really want to know if she was a native speaker or not. The suspense is killing me!

is/was not.

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