Is this for free?

is this all for free?



The community is free, yeah. WaniKani itself is only free up to level 3.


Hi and welcome!

From the FAQ:

Don’t hesitate to read more there!

Have fun on your free levels! :upside_down_face:


no offense, reminded me of a great song
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There is nothing in this world more expensive than something given for free,


Exactly! And it shouldn’t be underestimated!
For one thing, it’s a great community, one the best on the Internet.
The main rule here is to treat each other with respect, regardless of whatever difference we might have. And the moderators here take their jobs very seriously. So, as long as you follow the WaniKani forum rules, whether you want some help with Japanese or just want to relax in the POLLs thread, you’ll find this forum very useful and comfortable.

For another, it has great Japanese-Only section. Whether you are a subscribed member or not, if you participate in a topic there, Mami先生 or TofuguKanae先生 would not only reply to you, but would also correct your mistakes if you make some.

So, whether you decide to subscribe or not, I’d highly recommend you to use this forum.
Anyway, best of luck to you!


Yes, but a substantial contribution to the Yalmar Feeding and Grooming Trust is heartedly encouraged :grin:

It’s not free… but considering the work they provide it’s really cheap :slight_smile:

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