Is this correct?

I have ten swallows.

And if so? Can you explain why?
Because it reads to me as I know Ten swallows.


わ here is 羽, the counter for birds

かっています is 飼っています

There are other reasons it couldn’t be わかる but yeah.


yeah its not the verb 分かる but 飼う, the わ is the bird counter 羽. see the importance of kanji? :wink:


I think you’re trying to say 私は十匹つばめが飼っています。

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It’s an example sentence from the vocab item 十 and there’s no grammar issue, it’s just that the new sentences all use no kanji above the level of that item, so it can get confusing.

Your sentence would need to be shuffled a bit to be grammatical.

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Ahh I see つばめ十匹

And the counter comes on the other side of the particle, which needs to be を not が, for 飼う. You can put it in the front like you did, but then it needs to have a の between it and the noun it’s counting.


A Japanese person would surely understand 十匹 when used with ツバメ because it’s clear what you mean, but their image of 匹 is that it is something that runs around on the ground (with exceptions of course).

Here’s a handy site for referring to counters


Thanks :slight_smile:

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