Is This All I Get in Level 3?

OK, I did Levels one and two and started three. I figured I would finish it just in time for the Christmas Sale on a Lifetime Subscription. However, my lessons are now at Zero and my Level 3 Progress Chart looks like this.

My daily reviews for the next week are anywhere from 12 to 42 per day, with a weekly total of 164. I see a few Kanji I don’t remember seeing in the lessons, though I may have once and just forgot. And I don’t see any vocabulary.

I guess this is just my lack of knowledge on how WaniKani works but, are those grayed out Kanji going to appear in my reviews at this level? And will there be vocabulary before I finish the reviews?

Thanks for your help.


Vocab doesn’t show on the main page because there’s like 100 of them


Yes, it’s frustrating as sometimes there’s a full day without any reviews. But you can’t rush it. That’s just how it is, and if you read some level 60 posts you’ll see that in a few weeks the speed will pick up very significantly. Level 3 takes at least 8 days. There’s no chance that you see any kanji in reviews that you didn’t see in lessons - you probably forgot it. I’m currently at level 4 and I still have days with almost no reviews, but I remind myself that this is a marathon. With wanikani you shouldn’t think in terms of days or weeks, you should think in terms of months and years.


OK, I found them in under the Vocabulary tab up at the top. But only like 17 of them are active. The rest show “locked.” And the active ones are a couple of Kanji words and a whole bunch of those silly コーヒー and こんにちは words.

But it’s starting to come to me even as I type my questions. I know there has been a lot of buzz about the “slow pace” in the first few lessons. Is that what I am facing right now? Are my lessons at Zero because those Kanji and Vocabulary that are “locked,” and they are going to appear in new lessons later?


Thanks for the reply. I think I just hit my first day with no lessons, and very few reviews and it confused me. I’m starting to understand how it works now, partially because of the answers you people are giving and and partially, and embarrassingly, because I am looking harder under the Radical, Kanji, and Vocabulary heading and realizing what the different shades mean.


They only unlock after you get kanji used in the vocab to ‘guru’ level :slight_smile:

And similarly the locked kanji is opened when you get the radicals to guru level


Yes. Like the previous lessons, you get the radicals to guru, it’ll unlock the additional kanji, as you guru the kanji, it’ll unlock the vocab.

Like you mentioned, the earlier levels are slow because of the SRS pace but as you move up in levels, the workload will increase as everything you did before comes back up in reviews as they move up to master and enlightened levels. Keep at it and it’ll keep you pretty busy after awhile. Good luck in your studies.


I think I’ve got it now. I just plowed through levels one and two without really paying attention to all those new, locked, active, burned, apprentice, guru, etc. labels. Now I understand what they are doing. I did read through the WK guide but it was all gibberish to me at the time. I think if I read it again, I will understand what it is saying.

I also now know that, just because there are no lessons due, it doesn’t mean my level has ended. So I don’t have to worry about it not lasting me till the sale begins.

Thank you all for your help.


Correct, as you complete more reviews, more content will be unlocked for you to study.

It’s pointless showing you vocab containing kanji you don’t yet know, after all

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If you really want to see a complete list of all radicals, kanji and vocab which you have unlocked, you can use the WaniKani Statistics site.


Sounds like it’s time to learn how WK works as you get moving on to the long marathon ahead of you, which also helps you plan a bit for how to level up and when/how often to do reviews and lessons. :slight_smile:

To begin with:

And for planning your WK journey see:

In any case, it’s not like it makes a difference if you just get lifetime once it’s up for grabs at a discount, if that’s what you’re already planning? Then just get it when it comes around, regardless of where you’re at with the free levels. ^^


Thanks. I’ll check it out.

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Forgot to add: good luck with your studies! ^>^

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Welcome and I am sure you will enjoy wanikani

I got here almost 3 years ago and hit lvl 60 recently. Worth every penny. You will have tons and tons of vocab to reinforce the kanji which is great imo.


so i see you got the replies you needed.
this worries me though. what do you mean with this ‘forgot’
wanikani is slower than other srs out there because it is slower. and it wants you to remember everything. if you say you forgot than clearly at least one thing is not how it is supposed to be. the kanji for outside you saw twice at least as it has two dots under it

to summarize the answer.
Wanikani wants you to “guru” flashcards before they add more. that is why you dont get any new lessons.

That way you shouldnt fall in the trap of having too many reviews which can be demotivating
they also implemented a pause button or a i am on vacation button for that reason

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I am really close to finish all free content/ today the radical ice unlocked. but for some reason the kanji of north is not unlocking. And i think i 'guru’d enough for it to unlock.

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You haven’t gurud one of the radicals. That’s the specific one you need to unlock north.


But have you checked that? When you click on the kanji, you can check which radicals comprise it.

I think it might be a good idea to explore the app a little bit to get more familiar with how it works :slight_smile:


yeah i realized that ice,which i got today is the one i needed for north.
i dont know why i got ice just today though.


This must be related to this change. I also got it late.