Is there such a thing as eternal reviews?

Once you reach level 60, can you keep getting reviews of ALL the material you have learned? I saw in a post a while ago that there is no SRT anymore when you get to that level but I’m fine with that since you have already seen the material and are comfortable with most of them.

If this is not a feature, I think the people behind wanikani should allow for this. Kind of like a big anki deck :slight_smile:

But I dream…or do I? Lol

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Items stop appearing in the normal SRS routine after they reach “burned” status.

But with something like the self-study script, you can always endlessly review items you’ve already unlocked.


You can always “unburn” items, so that they go back to 0 again for you.

So I could unburn all 6000 vocabulary words and 2000 kanji and do reviews on all of them?

Yes, and even leave out the annoying “fake” radicals that aren’t necessary to remember.

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Could you provide a script that would do that on wanikani? I’m still a few years until I reach level 60 but I would like to know!

It may be a little monotonous though, because I think you need to unburn each item individually, so it would take a little bit lol

I could automate the process though. Sounds like an interesting little project. Once I get my first burn items, I will write a program to unburn them :slight_smile:


That would work!

Is this the one?


There’s a Burn Manager script too.


Takes 6 months to burn an item assuming you never get it wrong, so you probably don’t need to worry about this for a while so keep that in mind.

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