Is there really a big jump every 10 levels?

I’d highly recommend this script to help in these situations:

憎 - ぞう - Hate
噌 - そう - Boisterous
層 - そう - Layer
増 - ぞう - Increase
僧 - そう - Priest
贈 - ぞう - Presents

They are all そう except for “Hate,” “Increase,” and “Presents.” The pattern I see here is that the negative/greedy/materialistic ones get ゛added to them. 忄 is actually 心 for the “hate” connotation, the 土 is for “worldly/materialistic,” and 貝 is easy to link with 買う.

Also, 亻 actually means “person” so it’s easy to remember that one means “priest” here :wink: