When did WaniKani start to get easier?

Logically WaniKani gets harder and more time consuming when you get to a higher lever. However, since items start to get burned at a point, it should start to get easier at a point to. High level WaniKaners, when did this start to happend for you?
I just got to level 6 which says most people find level 6-10 the hardest part. Anyway, I saw a graph estimating the WaniKani work load, and it suggested that there was a linear increase in reiviews until about the early 20-levels. Why do people then find 6-10 the hardest, should it get easier at about level 25 or later?
Thank you

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When you burn everything. The thing is you’ll also forget those burnt things if you’re lack of exposure.


The later levels don’t get easier, people just make fewer topics about the difficulty because it’s not novel anymore, I think.


starts hyperventilating in panic and review anxiety


Why does WaniKani and many users say it gets easier after a while then?

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Well, I think it’s more that people are getting better at learning kanji.

But if you took a level 5 user and turned them into a level 50 user with the flip of a switch, they’d make threads about how tough level 50 is.


I think most common misconception is Wanikani is a just game that diffuculty level set by game admins. In my opinion wanikani is hard because kanji is hard. Wanikani just reflects diffucultiness of kanji system. And wanikani allows us to learn kanji in an efficient way.

Just thinking about this helps me. There are over 2000 randomly drawen lines (first impression to not kanji knowing person) and we are trying to distinguish every single one of them and recognize them as soon as see them. Even some kanjis have small stroke changes and their meanins are far apart. If we can’t recognize as fast as these kanjis it would be impossible to read fluently.

When I take these facts into consideration, wanikani is hard because kanji is very hard to learn. We are trying to learn all kanjis even japanese people don’t know some of them. And learning this system is tedious task. So giving it time (a year at least), studying regularly will help me only.


It gets easier in one sense when they get familiar enough with the routine.

Broadly speaking, WaniKani is just more of the same until you get to the end. However, the shape complexity of kanji gets greater the further you go and also you’ll see kanji which then shakes your confidence in previous kanji due to similarity.

Given that, I don’t think it ever gets easier.


Depends on how you go about it. :thinking:
If you go full speed until the end, it doesn’t get easier until you burn most of everything at level 60. (It took about a month for me to see a seizable decrease in the number of reviews I had every day).


It doesn’t get easier.

I think level 20 - 40 are objectively harder than level 0 - 20 in term of number of review, but at that point your are used to the system, have a routine in place and you are also used to learn new kanji and new vocab…until you hit the fast level 45 - 60 and hell break loose again.

The point we’re things get noticeably easier is after hitting level 60 + 2/3 months. The number of review drop significantly. In my case, around 9 months after hitting level 60 I’m back to around 100 reviews everyday.

By the way, for an objective look at thing I recommend to take a look at the heatmap story thread, so you can see the workload of actual people going through wanikani.


Thank you for your answers. As I think level 6 is already challenging, this was rather demotivating… I’ll watch some Bob Ross videos to re-convince myself that I can learn Japanese.


It never got easier. In fact, my review accuracy is still slightly dropping over time.


It doesn’t get easier. You just get better. In other words, things I struggled in the past are no longer a struggle for me because I improved.

I think the same applies to Wanikani. Reviews will continue going up, but you’ll get better (and faster) at doing reviews. I remember struggling with doing 20 reviews in one go. Now, I’d say that I enjoy doing reviews up to around 100 in one go. The thing is, I now gets hundreds of reviews, not dozens.


Levels 45 to 60 are the real Hell ones. This is my second time doing WaniKani and they don’t get better. It’s easier now because I’ve learned all the stuff, but reviews keep piling up no matter what.


Thanks bro, I am now a little more re-motivated.


I only skimmed all the answers, so maybe someone already mentioned this, but it also has to do with your pace. If you go max speed, your workload will be much larger than if you go slowly. Work load probably factors into difficulty for some (or most, idk) people. So it has much less to do with level and more to do with your routine and how skilled you are at learning kanji, I think.

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It actually got harder for me, but that’s probably because my number of leeches just got higher and higher and I went to fast for my own good (oops). Iirc, I had some 1400 apps+gurus and half of them were leeches. Actually the numbers are still the same, I’m just in vacation mode (and not a subscriber currently). But I’m still practicing leeches via the leech trainer script rn (and according to it, I’ve trained some ~100 of them).

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I thought the last 10-15 levels were actually a bit easier.


It got easier to me after I started reading frequently, it was around level 8-10 or so. During the first few levels I had some very easy kanji and vocab that I couldn’t remember no matter how many times I did reviews and wrote them down, but I just needed to see them in context while reading and I never forgot them anymore. Nowadays, most of the new lessons are kanji and vocab I know from reading already, and even the ones I don’t know I’ll find them in context soon enough (and I love everytime it happens!), so I don’t struggle as much anymore and I do my reviews way faster. My accuracy got so much better, too.

However, I’m still at a pretty low level so what do I know. I’m preparing myself that anytime the vocab will likely get harder and more uncommon and I’ll go back to struggling and will need to slow down. Oh well.

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It got easier for me after level 35. But I don’t think it’s because the material is easier. I think it’s what jprspereira said:

But I don’t know what WaniKani will be like after level 42.