Is there consistency with verb forms?

I’m new - level 3. I’m having trouble understanding when I have to type certain verb forms. For example, 打 is correct if you type “hit” and incorrect if you type “to hit”… even though the examples use “to hit”. But with other verbs, if you don’t type the “to” before it, you are wrong. Is there any pattern or method to understand which need "to~ " and which don’t?

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打 as a kanji by itself is not a verb. 打つ is a verb. Are you maybe confusing the two? Because 打つ accepts ‘to hit’ just as expected.


Oh! I see… so the example for 打 in English would be something like “He endured one hit after another.” like a noun?


A kanji doesn’t really have a part of speech, but, yes, the kanji embodies the concept of a hit or a strike.

打 as a word read as だ is a noun, but it’s a sport term to mean batting/hitting a ball. So it wouldn’t be equivalent to that sentence. Your sentence would likely use the word 一打.


Thank you very much for your explanation. Perfect.


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