Is there any way to add an alternate reading for a kanji?

Wondering if there’s any way to add an alternate reading for a kanji or a vocabulary. Thanks.

I don’t think there is, but you can send them an email if you think they’re missing a reading for a word, and they’ll probably add it unless they have a specific reason not to.

Any examples of readings you would like to add? WK covers most of the stuff you’ll need at beginner level.

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They use the reading “しち” for 7, but it’s just as commonly read as “なな” in everyday Japanese, depending on the use. Also なな sounds much cooler.
I’m also trying to learn Kansai dialect, so some words will naturally be pronounced differently.

Adding the やめる reading for 止める would be nice.


From what I’ve gone through so far, they teach you all of the counter-specific pronunciations for numbers, but I know nothing about the Kansai dialect.

You learn しち with the kanji, yes, but you will also get なな when you learn the associated vocabulary, so you get both. You will not be marked wrong on either for answering なな, but you will have to learn しち as well.


I do agree with this. At least it should not be marked incorrect. Very few words on here have more than one reading, however. One which bugged me was みとめる which could also be read したためる

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Not to go completely off-topic, but how did you add furigana?

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Ruby code is enabled on this forum. You can do it like this <ruby>認<rt>みと</rt></ruby>める.

I also have a script to make this easier みとめる

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Awesome, thanks!

Nice little script you got there :slight_smile:

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なな is already in the WaniKani system. No need to add it.


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