Is there any place to buy Genki I 3rd edition for under 55 CAD with shipping? (Texbook only)

Title says most of it. I’m kinda broke right now, and it’s hard to follow the textbooks on online pdfs

I wish I knew… (I use CAD myself).

Have you tried looking for used textbooks? Whether on Amazon or elsewhere (even a local book shop, if it’s not an Indigo, might have a used section… or a nearby University Bookstore…) That would help with cost. Might drop you down to $35 or perhaps if you’re super lucky as low as $20. (Language books are always pricey…)

If you’re in a city with a University, try looking/posting on the school’s forum in the textbook section, too. Getting it directly from the student is often cheapest.


Try or - these are my go-to cheap book sites.

I also second @AnimeCanuck about the university advice. Lots of students buy books before the semester has started, but then change/drop classes and render those fresh textbooks worthless for them.

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I couldn’t find anything on nearby universities and for some god forsaken reason indigo got cyberattacked and shut down their website…

Weird… (about indigo!). Though, I don’t know Indigo/Chapters to carry used stuff, anyway.

I wish you luck in your quest!

Hey, about the Thrift Books site… where do they ship from (Canada, USA, UK?, Elsewhere/Anywhere?)?

Also, for a book I looked up for myself (non-Japanese related), they only had “good” and “acceptable” quality. Just how good is “good”? (I would like near-perfect, no cracked spines, if possible. However, for the price I’m seeing, a bit of battering would probably be fine if I found it in person and it didn’t have a weird smell.) Was also surprised to see the book had a sequel, which I was unaware of, as it made a great standalone, in my opinion.

Do you live close enough to the US to pick it up from a friend across the border? Amazon US has it used as low as US$30, but that’s without shipping.

Thriftbooks has every Genki book except for the Genki 1 textbook for some reason


You could also check the japanese amazon. I got my Genki books there because they were a bit cheaper - even after adding shipping. You’ll need a credit card though. I believe other methods of payment are not possible when shipping things abroad.

2 Likes has it for $56, shipping is about $10 I think. However I have a code, “Welcome6n4hB” that says you get free shipping on your first order. I dunno if it’s valid or not. I’ve had it sat in my wallet for about 7 months.

This shop is in Switzerland mind, so might take a while to arrive.


That’s actually perfect. I managed to buy it this way!


It worked? Excellent!

I bought my genki books from there, and had no issues, that’s why I recommended it

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