Looking for Genki 1

Hello I´m looking to buy Genki 1, to start learning sentences etc. Can you guys please tell me where shoul I buy it? And are the answer sheets involved? Thanks ^^

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Depends on where you live, I think. But you can order online with Amazon, maybe? Or maybe you have a good bookstore that might have it in your city or country.

This site looks like a good option. You can click on the individual books in the bundle too if you want to purchase them individually. I’m not saying I recommend it, because I have no idea what prices are like on other sites, but I was having a hard time finding sites listing the answer key as a product, which you’ll probably need if you’re going to study Genki by yourself. Also, as someone accessing the US Amazon site from France, I found what seemed to be relatively little stock and a slightly higher price for the answer key than what OMG Japan offers. Take a look around and compare prices. That’s what I’d suggest.

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If you live near a university, you might be able to get a pretty good rate at the university’s bookshop, even if you’re not a student.


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thanks guys, have a nice day

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For me, in Canada, Amazon Japan was the cheapest source I found, even after including shipping. Amazon charged a border clearance fee, as well. It actually came through duty-exempt, though, so they refunded it a couple of weeks later. It only took a few days to arrive, too, but the reduction in flights due to COVID may affect it these days.

I got the main book, the wookbook and the answer guide, along with a set of graded readers.

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