Is there an anki-mode styled way to Study the Core10k?

I can’t handle typing reviews. I’ve done it for the first 20 levels of WaniKani. My hands cannot keep doing it if I am to continue studying. I need the “Correct” or “incorrect” style of reviewing, It seems to have not been a detriment to my studying doing it that way. I’d also love either a web application/app but I’ll settle with a program and an application. is almost perfect but I know it’s always going to be typing only.

I saw some Anki decks for the Core 10k but there was one that had a yellow background that was a bit too stale to keep my attention and the one that is good does not allow you to use the answer buttons.

I’ve honestly looked through everything and I’m just hoping I’m overlooking something.

Thanks in advance.

Anki decks are incredibly customizeable. You can copy the cards in the deck you like and change the format so you get the answer buttons. There is very detailed documentation on the Anki website that can help you out.


Thank you for the response. I’ve tried. I’ve even spent over an hour trying to make the answer buttons work on but it’s just more of a headache than I can manage. I’ll probably try again later but I’ll probably end up default to torii.

You may want to ask on the Kitsun thread. The feedback I’ve read is the 10k deck overall is better maintained than some Anki versions and they may be able to create a non-input version. You can switch this quite readily for custom decks but since this is a publish deck w/ a custom layout, they may be able to release a non-input version.


I couldn’t find a core 10k deck on memrise. (Maybe there is one?) The reviews start with multiple choice and end with writing though, but you pick the characters from a small list so it’s not exactly “writing”, it’s a little easier.

I know what you mean – I switched to using a simpler no-typing vocab deck for this reason (already have so much SRS typing to do between WK and Bunpro).

If you modify the Anki deck template to remove the div containing the text input field on the front, and delete the Javascript on the back (and front if it exists), that should put it back into normal no-typing mode. You’ll need to do this for each card type (I think there are 3 in the deck you linked).

  • Click “Browse”, then choose your deck in the sidebar. Choose a card from the list, then click the “Cards” button to modify the template.
  • On the front: delete the <div class=innerbox>{{type:THE FIELD IT EXPECTS YOU TO TYPE}}</div> and any Javascript after it.
  • On the back: delete the <div id="correctAnswer" style="display:none"> and everything after it, including all the Javascript.

You can enable anki-style buttons in any deck on Kitsun by enabling the deck setting called “Always show flip buttons”. It works with any layout :smile:

For anki decks you’d have to remove the type fields from the templates afaik.


Wow, that’s super easy! So that is where the delay-sibling card setting is too :blush:


I did read that and I love that Kitsun exists but my use case is only one part of that whole website that I would be paying $199 for. I wouldn’t be getting the full value out of it .


Appreciate the help on getting getting a solution for the anki deck. Using the anki mode userscript on both Bunpro and Wanikani have made my life easier.

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Just to add that Kitsun’s Core 10k is superior to others around. There’s been thousands of improvements to that deck, it’s also visually attractive, and there’s so many different ways of studying it. You can even study the example sentences if you wish to.

But of course, Kitsun is way more than just the Core 10k :slight_smile: If anything, you can try the free trial of 14 days and see how it goes.


I tried it just now on Kitsun on my iPad. After I hit “show”, then I hit “Know”, it shows the keyboard again and again, so I always have to scroll down or tap keyboard down to make keyboard disappear. To show the “show” button without having to type.



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