Is there an add-on to make the Recent Mistakes button #1 biggest up top?

Maybe this already exists with one of the dashboard customization ones, but I couldn’t quite find one or find a way to customize one to look exactly how I wanted. Here’s my wish:

While Lessons and Reviews have these nice big buttons up on top of the dashboard, they are way less important to me than practicing my Recent Mistakes. When I remember to do Recent Mistakes first, I find that my apprentice pile and leeches greatly improves. I have a stupid sign on my desk to remind me to do this and I still haven’t gotten into the habit. I just realized I should make that my default WaniKani website shortcut.

Anyway, is there an add-on to make that a colossal button up top?

I have a theory that this will continue to save me much grief in the future

I’m reading some horror stories about higher level people burning out so I want to get this right as I level up. The temptation to progress into further levels is too great due to the UI design, when the metric that is already telling me that I’m not ready is right there but buried below

I have a script, that does something similar by allowing you to move the extra study box wherever.
It can go above the buttons if you want, and though it won’t make the recent mistakes button big, but it will be more visible


That’s awesome, thank you!

I know a little CSS, if I make something that doesn’t make your script look super ghetto I’ll post my solution in a future reply

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