Is there a decent OCR manga reader on IOS?

I heard about Kantan Manga, but I couln‘t find it on the App Store.

Thanks for your help :pray:

Not sure about iOS. For macOS, I run manga-ocr on the background using the terminal window. Then when I get a screenshot, the output of the ocr is pasted in the clipboard. For me this works great since the dictionaries I use automatically read from the clipboard so I don’t have to enter the word/text into the dictionary.


Thank you.
Unfortunately I am looking for an IOS OCR since I mainly read on my tablet.

thanks for recommendation.

I thought the only one that did this was that mokuro or something that there is even a thread here.

Mokuro also relies on manga-ocr but I don’t need its interface so I only use manga-ocr.

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I wish there was a tutorial step by step how to install it and use with cdisplayex for example.

I think you are out of luck. This was from Reddit from few years ago:

Thank you! Yes I saw this thread.
I was hoping things had changed in 3 years. ;.;

This is probably not immediately useful but might be in the future: In iOS 15 / iPadOS 15.1 there is built-in OCR (if your device features an A12 chip) in the camera and photo apps. Unfortunately there is no Japanese support atm but you can still do a few things with it as per this article: Live Text for Japanese – The Digital Orientalist

I tried this on some photos and while it works fine for me with German or English text, it doesn’t recognize Japanese although I have the language enabled. I also activated Chinese but that didn’t help either. Wanted to mention this feature nonetheless, maybe it becomes more useful in the future :sweat_smile:


You open the terminal app in your Mac and type

pip3 install manga-ocr

That should install it. This assumes you have Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 or 3.9. If not then you need to install Python first.

To use it, go to the terminal app again and run it by typing manga_ocr (if this not work, try manga-ocr). Notice that you either have the manga_ocr binary file in your path or you changed directories in the terminal to the directory in which manga-ocr binary is).

Once you get a message in the terminal like this one

023-08-26 23:38:43.887 | INFO     | manga_ocr.ocr:__init__:22 - Using CPU
2023-08-26 23:38:45.400 | INFO     | manga_ocr.ocr:__init__:29 - OCR ready
2023-08-26 23:38:45.402 | INFO     | - Reading from clipboard

leave the terminal in peace (but do not close it!). Now to do OCR of an image, just do a screen shot of the screen area as you would normally do with shift+command+4. (New edit! It has been a while I used it so I forgot this part.) After shift+command+4 when you select the area to copy, keep the control key pressed and then releasing it when you finish the selection will copy the image to the clipboard and manga_ocr will replace it with the corresponding text.

Then, one can just paste this text from the clipboard using command+v as usual. I’m using the (Monokakido) Dictionaries app that automatically (if the proper setting is chosen) reads from the clipboard so I skip the paste part.