Is paradise really all it's cracked up to be?

I was told ages ago by an ancient sage of a place called paradise, and that, if one was a good boy and did one’s reviews on time, eventually one would get there. I was told it was a nice place and that there would be cake. Now, at level 40, I stand at the threshold to the gates of heaven and ask the denizens of heaven: is paradise really all it’s cracked up to be? From my view at the gate, it looks to be as miserable and sackcloth filled as the hell which I am just now attempting to escape, if not worse. And to those now entering hell, a word of warning, Abandon hope all ye who enter here, for heaven’s yet to come (and after that, reality, and after that real reality and after that…hopefully cake.).


It kinda smells funny here :sunny:


Cake only exists before hell, and from now on, you’ll only get wifts of cake, until you burn it, of course.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What is life without cake?


It is almost like paradise. By this time, you can (and should) read quite a bit. The kanji start getting pretty darn fukuzatsu at this point, and less commonly used. Some of the kanji are only accompanied by two words on Wani Kani. I’ve wondered if those kanji were used in any other words at all, but have never taken the time to look into it.

Congrats on nearing the gate…

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A number of the Kanji have words they should have but don’t, for some reason.

Also, there are still relatively common words like 怯える, 掴む and 匂い that aren’t on the site for some reason god only knows.

Thanks. Any suggestions for reading? I tried manga and found them boring as anything. I tried Soseki and found myself tied up by the grammar and old words. At this point, I mostly just read NHK news, but I feel like literature is also a good place to practice. Just haven’t found anything at the right level yet…

Maybe have a look at Too simple?
You can link it with your wanikani account.

I guess it must just be that you can learn those in the wild by reading and stuff, since the primary focus is no kanji and not vocab per se. But yeah, I have noticed along the way that my vocab is a bit overly technical due to wanikani and lacking in some simpler areas and everyday words.

Hm. Not a bad point. I looked at that back at like level 10 or something, and it was too hard then, but maybe now I can get more out of it. Might give it a look again. Thanks.

You are very welcome. Greet the angels for me please :angel:

Yes, it’s full of crack.

Really? Which level do you learn the crack kanji on? I feel like that is probably a pretty useful one.

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Yes in theory. But all three of those Kanji are fairly common, via those words, as opposed to 瑠 and
璃 which are my most hated Kanji on this site because they have no vocabulary, even when 瑠璃 is a word.

Yeah, I agree. A decent amount of the time less useful vocab are provided. But I doubt it is going to change any time soon, and I feel like wanikani has still been pretty solid despite that aspect.


Like football team’s locker room or a gas leak or lint from a fresh load of laundry? (Or a cake being hidden from me somewhere???! I’m on to you people!)

Well played…Then again I find コカイン easier to remember less of those confusing pictographs, you know?

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You probably weren’t here when there were only 50 levels then.